Lazarus Device + Personal Cloak Issues

Maybe let me preface by saying I’m an ok Lazarus player - I have a lot to learn, but I’m trying (meaning, it could just be my noob skills are affecting things). I’m nearly at Elite status on the Personal Cloak and Lazarus Device but I’m having some serious issues right now. This same thing has happened at least three or four times in the last couple days, and it seriously affects the play of the game.

So, what happens? Someone is incapped, the monster is camping/nearby, so I have to wait a bit, I generally cloak myself (maybe a bit early, but still) and finally make it over while still cloaked, but the person is dead. I stand over their body, hit the Lazarus Device, see it charge up, lose my cloak, run away and then turn back and they aren’t revived. I swear every time that the device is charging and I see the bar - but God knows I could be seeing things. This happens OR the lazarus device refuses to even WORK while I’m cloaked, so I stand there like a moron spamming my charge button until the cloak runs out and the monster sees me. Great. I am not standing any further from when I standing any further from where I stand when they’re incapped, and I never have a problem reviving them while they’re still alive, just incapped.

What gives? What am I doing wrong? Is it a bug that isn’t letting the device be used under the personal cloak? Any help appreciated.

One of the ways to use the device is under cloak, so it shouldn’t be that.

What would be good is if you could get a video of this happening and we can maybe make this in to a bug post?

Make sure you don’t move your character or reticle away too quickly. This happens to me sometimes, and its mainly because i move away before it’s finished, even though the animation finishes. Try standing there longer and tell me how it goes!

I will try both of these things (though I’ve never done video before, so it might be shody), and I’ll see how it goes!

Definitely a bug. I’ve encountered this a few times and I’m pretty awesome with Laz.

So I’d actually change this from gameplay to bugs, if I were you.

Good to know it’s not just me. I’ll change it to bug. I didn’t want to do that if I was just being a moron.

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