Lazarus device on dead wildlife


teammate got eating by megamouth, I tried to revive him ended up bringing the megamouth back to life and proceeded to getting eaten.

not fun :frowning:


Well that is why you always cloak before reviving wildlife.


MacMan has already said he’s experienced this as well and they’re going to change it.


What reason is there to revive wildlife anyways?


I think its kind of interesting that we can, but it can bite you in the butt sometimes.


Got a link?


There is a reason. it can actually be part of professional plays. You kill that thing, you get the perk, you revive it again so that the Monster will have to take time by killing it if he wants that perk.


Kill Tyrant, get perk, revive Tyrant, realize your mistake!


It’s not that difficult to jet-pack away instantly upon revive.


That’s why you don’t mess around with Death!


I have seen it to but I don’t think he’s changing it by what I remember


Ha ha! My friend accidentally revived one. I didn’t help as I was laughing too hard.


Make the device prioritize humans?