Lazarus device not removing strikes, Thunder Strike not registering damage, and health regen bug


Lately I’ve been noticing a couple bugs when using Lazarus and Lennox. In some games, I use the Lazarus device to revive a teammate, but their strikes don’t go away. I’ve lost several matches because the game glitches out and removes one of the only two advantages to using Laz. He can’t heal often and his only defense is to cloak and run, so the only reason to play with him is to remove strikes and bring back dead teammates. So this glitch renders him almost completely useless. I haven’t been able to find anything about other people having this problem, but I’ve had it happen a few times now.

Another bug I’ve found, which I also haven’t been able to find other incidences of, is that sometimes Lennox’ thunder strike will not register, with a good connection and an accurate landing, at times literally landing on the monster. This isn’t a huge issue but it is still annoying.

Finally, there’s the health regen bug, which prevents you from reviving teammates or vice versa. This one is moderately well known by now, but I’ve lost countless games solely because of this glitch. It sorely needs to be fixed, but I haven’t heard of any plans to do so in the next update.

In conclusion, I’d like to know if anyone else has seen any of these, and if someone could maybe look into helping resolve the issues I’m having.


It doesn’t remove pre-existing strikes, it just doesn’t add new strikes on?


My bad, I swear I thought it did.


If your teammates had strikes previously, the Laz device won’t remove them. :3


Yeah, again, my bad. No one bothered to correct me about that until just now. All the same, I’m still wondering about the other two


Pretty sure it’s not a bug with Lennox either. If you’re getting hit but any monster’s abilities during Thunder strike animation (including melee attacks or abilities like fire breath), it won’t do any damage.

As for health regen bug, it’s known and was reported many times.


No I’m aware that Lennox cancels her ash if she’s hit, but that’s not the case


What ash? I’m talking about Thunder Strike and yes it will do 0 damage if the at moment you land you got hit. You might not even notice you got hit because it could be some minor splash damage or even a tip of the nail from melee attack.


I’m with @Terry_Locke with this, another bug thread was created about this too. I’ve landed square on the noggin of a Kraken looking away from me and I’ve not got damage from it, so I think there is a bug there.

Also I don’t think you’re quite right from what I know about getting hit cancelling the damage, because I have used thunderstrike while being charged and it’s done damage. I can’t search for the thread yet but I believe Macman or someone else said that basically when you’re hit it “discharges” the damage, so it acts as if you’ve landed wherever you’re hit. So if you’re hit by the monster right next to the monster, it should still damage.


Her smash, I’m posting from my phone and it auto corrected. But there have been times there is no fire breath of melee animation at all and I’ll strike from behind, and nothing happens.


Oh, and one last thing. I’ve been noticing that sometimes the Lazarus device will charge up and activate the reload time, but the teammate will remain incapped. It only happens once and then works again. I’ve seen it happen to multiple people, but I can’t find a forum on it. Anyone know anything about that?


I haven’t heard that one, but if you can duplicate it definitely make a new topic for it. A clip of it would be helpful as well.


Sure thing. I’ll look up how to do so and the next time it happens I’ll be sure to post it.


Thank you, much!


Heath regen bug fix is to be rolled out with the next title update.


Awesome, thanks


I think this one usually happens when the teammate dies. From personal experience I’ve seen people try to get the revive right before the body bleeds out but this bug will occur.


It’s a bug. Thunder strike is buggy as fuck atm


It’s fixed on PC, consoles are still waiting for it.


I had Laz with the peload speed and his cloak wouldn’t turn on by the end of the match I was just spamming it after each CD but no, no cloaks for me :frowning: