Lazarus device must choose hunters or daisy first


I played game yesterday,

In that game,

I got killed by Mega-mouth(The toad)

Lazarus finally killed mega-mouth and tried to save me from the death,

But suddenly Mega-mouth lived back again and attacked him

Lazarus said he was trying to use L.device to me,

It happened because when toad was dead, it lay on my body…

I think Lazarus device should choose hunters and daisy first when they’re overlapped with animals body


Should make a poll of how many people have used the Lazarus Device to heal their teammate as the last one alive and instead revived a Tyrant or Megamouth that instantly killed them. Sometimes it seems like it defaults to the animal if there’s a Hunter with part of an animal body on top of them.


same thing happened to me quite a few times with the animal ending up killing me and teammate upon trying to revive him 3 different times. i definately think this should be fixed.


As I heard, it’s on the list.


that sounds good to me.


The device outlines the corpse it will revive. Look before you Laz.


yeah, I thinks so too, L.Device highlights outline of dead body.

but It might be confused in middle of battle maybe :smile:

I just don’t wanna see the scene that Lazarus revives Strider not a hunter lol


I just had a fight where I set it up so that Laz revived an albino nomad instead of Parnell. Twas comedy gold, and really helped me to win that match.


LOLOLOLOL it couldn’t be better. lol


I hope you don’t mind if i steal that. It just sounds so good in the mouth. Sort of like binge or grund


Yeah, “look before you Laz” goes down in the book of Evolve proverbs. Congratulations @Commando_Wraith.