Lazarus device failure caused by corpse clipping


I have just had a few games with Lazarus and he is incredibly fun to play as. But sometimes the lazarus device don’t work properly and that can make him very frustrating to play. It happen 2 times in the last game I was in and I was standing right next to a dead hunter, but still the device wouldn’t work even though I was within range… Most of the time it works fine, but those few times that it won’t can really mess up the match and give the monster a great advantage. Please fix this bug!


You know that it shows up a timer on a corpse before it decays?
When you tried to use the device, did you see any timer on that corpse? If not, it means that you can’t revive that hunter anymore


The corpse had a timer on both times. I can kinda understand why the second one didn’t work, since the body was lying in an awkward position with half of his body buried under the floor/ground with only the torso and head visible…


Well that’s not the device’s fault, just “simply” a bug with the bodies clipping through certain surfaces which is normal, so i don’t call this a bug but a case of unfortune


Sound a bit like monster having the problem to eat a dead wildlife what is floating 1m in the air. :joy:


@TheMountainThatRoars @Jedi_Warrior close since we discovered that actually it’s due to corpse clipping rather than the device itself?


I updated the topic, we can leave it be for now. :slight_smile:


I’ve had too many situations where a body falls through the map or is stuck in the ground. This won’t happen as often when the slam dunk animation is removed, but these bugs still happen occasionally without it.


The device also doesn’t work when the corpse is in the water and laz has to swim…but teammates can revive eachother when in the water so IMO thats not fair too…


Water is a function, not a bug.


yeah laz just doesn’t want to go underwater


One thing I can say about this issue that in the micropatch we will be able to remove the slam dunk animation through data (incap grapple) so some issues should be reduced with the lazarus device.

However, the bug fixes that will be coming in TU09 should solve any issues we’ve had with the damn glove.


Now you’ve got me curious, what’s the weirdest bug you’ve come across involving that glove?


I know it’s not a bug but im just saying its not fair in my opinion :sweat_smile: