Lazarus Device bugged

When playing as Lazarus I’ve encountered several times where the Lazarus Device completed the animation but it didn’t revive the body.

Yep, happens to me quite a bit.

Same here. Animation goes, I run off, notice the icon indicating a corpse, turn around and WTF? So people, if Lazarus stands over your dying body and is just staring creepily into your eyes, watching the life drain out of them before walking away, it’s totally a glitch.


shifty eyes


yes i had this several times the last days… bodys falling through the map 200meters away was nothing new to me, but not being able to use the device on a body lying infront of me, well. one game i also couldnt use my cloak the last minutes anymore… it was reloaded but it didn’t work for 5min until the game ended. my teammates were pretty angry because of this stupid bugs about me.

Yup, and this is annoying.


Not sure if this bug was fixed previously or is still unfixed.

Lazurus device has quite often failed to pick someone up after completing the animation. If it’s still a known issue and not something that should be resolved, please ignore :smile:

System: PS4


It is very well known and fix for console should be coming in future update!! :slight_smile:

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