Lazarus Device Backfire


I know Laz is pretty broken, but this was a bug I haven’ t seen before.

lol ignore my background rage


It didn’t backfire - I’ve seen it before.

He died naturally - he just died as you were using your glove. So the device gets ready to fire, he dies, and it fires, but there’s something funky where since he went from incapped to dead while down, the game doesn’t quite register correctly, and it uses your cooldown while accomplishing nothing. However, whenever it happens to me, I can see that the device is on cooldown - not sure why yours acted like it was ready to use again.


I know what happened. The name was a joke :smiley_cat:

It is something I haven’t seen before though.


Like Kaptin said.

This sadly happens if the body physically dies WHILE laz is charging the device.

Fun stuff



Still I wonder why they never both fixing Laz.


I know, he should be able to res the monster. What a shame.


That match was over anyways if you and Abe were the last two up lol. The device couldn’t bring a win.

@LadieAuPair want to take a look


Well, yeah, but it was a pub quick play and that’s not really the point. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know I know. That’s why I tagged Ladie so she could check it out.


Oh yeah, and this is leaving out the part earlier in the match where I got downed as the last hunter and killed the monster with the pistol, and still won :confused:


pretty funny actually… @Shaners

If it makes you feel better, there was no chance of surviving :slightly_smiling:


Pretty sure TRS knows about this one. I know the DD guys talk about it a lot, and they mentioned how they’d told them about it to me. It never hurts to make sure though.


Yeah, I know. Like I said, quick play with pubs. Not much chance there.

It was pretty funny though :smiley_cat: