Lazarus' device and Strikes


Well, probably one of my last questions since I think I don’t want to “get spoiled” further if there are only a few monsters/characters to be revealed…

My question is about this situation :

When someone falls in incapacitate, if someone revives him, he’ll get one Strike on his health.
If he gets Lazarus’ deviced, he won’t get an additional Strike.

  • ** What happen if you had 1 Strike, you get incapacitate, then die (before someone may revive you…) and Finally are ressucitate by Lazarus’ ability ? **

Normally when you respawn after a death, you are directly on Strike 2.
But what in this situation ?


As long as the Lazarus device is used, no strikes, incapped or dead.

He’s a really great character for that reason.


Hmm, so it could be actually better to let die someone (until the device reload, if needed) and “ressucitate” him instead of reviving him directly…

Strange, but why not !


It can also be risky to let them die fully though too, what if the monster is at stage 3 and is chasing Lazarus down? Lazarus may not be able to get to the dead hunter in which case it might be better to have someone else revive the incapped hunter before they die, Lazarus may not have the chance to help.

That is what is so cool about this game, so many things can change your strategy on the fly.


That’s why I precised only in case that you’re in cooldown ! ^^


Or if you go down on your 2nd strike but the dropship is 30 secs out, it might be better to just die and come back at full health


This part with the dropship is really …space.
I would not be surprised it’ll change until the release. Otherwise some will respawn in few seconds…


I think there is a certain time you have to die before or else you end up on the next dropship


Sometimes that works but yeah, it is risky. If the monster guards the body, or eats it, you can’t bring them back.


I thought about that too…
But, I believe you can interrupt monster’s feeding if you shoot at him ?..
Otherwise it would be too easy for him.

By the way I thought the monster would take extra damages if shooted while cocooned, but actually it interrupts the evolution ?


I believe that Lazarus’ device should add strikes to a character that hasn’t died but was revived, but when they are resurrected they lose all strikes. This would help balance the fight for the monster and Lazarus would still be a great asset to the hunter team.


I don’t think we can talk about balancing before having even play the game once…

I maintain that you simply have to either focus on Lazarus, either eat the body of hunters…
Or you can do a lot of damages to multiple hunters then incap’ them all at once !


Yes, kill him, kill him immediately! :smiling_imp:


Lazarus Device is OP.


@MacMan @SlabOMeat Will Daisy try reviving a hunter who is down if Laz or someone else is trying to revive them? I imagine it would suck if Daisy ninja revived a hunter laz was reviving lol


I was just expressing my opinion about how I felt about the matches I saw on their twitch livestream.


Daisy won’t revive if Laz is up and capable.


Thanks, also, love how laz’s name refers to bringing something back from the dead. Was at applebees trivia night and discovered that a species though tobe extinct but is later rediscovered is a lazarus species


Awesome. Had lots of press say “I see what you did there” whe I told them what he did.


Soon as I saw the medic’s name was Lazarus, I knew exactly what he’d be able to do. :smile: