Lazarus dead player teleportation


Got it on tape


Yes, I knew I wasn’t crazy! I have had this happen to me before as Laz as well.


@MrTalha somebody finally suffered like you did.


Well then… Happened on the Dam once where I died and Laz tried to res. but my corpse moved. Was confused but didn’t really pay much attention as it only happened once, or so I thought. It also happened on Rescue, might be the same bug.

I was playing Laz and Kraken was killing off the survivors with Lightning Strike and every time I ran up to res. them they were teleported under the map. We lost and I was sad… Losing makes you sad.


That’s almost as cool as Laz rez’ing bodies that get eaten.

I know the sound is atrocious, I edited this is on PS4 Share Factory (ugh).


That’s really weird. Although I’d still rather have this happen than being glitched into the ground (either alive and then dying or being dead and not being revivable)


I am having this exact same issue. It’s bugged but there doesn’t seem to be an official confirmation of it which is annoying. It’s happened to me so many times. It basically makes Lazarus useless


I think the most that annoys me is that after two weeks we still have no hotfix for the cursor on PC.