Lazarus Cloaked Revivals Tracking


I always wonder why that is one of the 3 things the game tracks. Most Lazarus players worth their salt are only gonna cloak to do revivals if its necessary, if its not necessary they are not gonna waste their cloak cooldown to revive a teammate when its not needed.

Often times my cloaked revivals at the end of a match are a big fat zero cause I never had the need to cloak to pull off a revival. You’d think it track how many times you cloaked to avoid monster aggression throughout the match instead of how many times you used it to revive somebody.

What happens if I cloak unnecessarily to do a revival and 10 seconds down the line I get focused by the monster and cannot use it? Cloaking to pull off revivals is entirely dependent on the monster and his ability to prevent me doing those revivals, and if he lacks the ability in this regard I am not gonna pop my cloak to revive when its not needed.


That’s why people want Lazarus cloak to be toggleable, but sadly, devs won’t make any changes since they are satisfied with his winrate :confused:


Considering I literally almost never see Laz in a match anymore, I think they need to compare his w/l vs time played. He’s just not a viable choice against any halfway decent monster anymore since everyone knows to camp the bodies. An “on/off switch” for cloak would be wonderful, along with more range for his love glove ™. He’d become a usable character again.


Yeah, I think everyones agree with that, it’s rare when I see somebody saying that Laz is a viable character, he is viable ONLY when you’re playing againts an inexperience monster, they shouldn’t be ignoring him.


Exactly, and it’s so sad because he has been my favorite hunter since day one. He requires actual skill when faced with a competent opponent, and I love that challenge. There’s just a difference in making him a “challenging” character vs being a “useless” character.


That is the biggest problem with Lazarus, while his ability is powerful its just way too easy counter it and shut him down, making him completely useless. As you suggest being able to revive teammates without having to basically sit on their face to do it would be a great improvement.
If the monster is sitting right on the dead teammate it cannot be done, but with a little more range Lazarus could hope to dance around the monster for 1 second to land the revival.

Lazarus can move while doing his revival, that is another ability unique to Lazarus, as he does not have to stand still to revive teammates like the others.


It would be nice if his glove even had a 10yd range or something he would still have to get close but if he cloaked up he could probs get that close to a monster from approaching on his off side and get the revive from under his shnozzer


Personally I rarely use the cloak to revive. Much more useful to get in and pull off a super fast rez and then cloak- if necessary- to escape.


Late to the party but… You know as a community… We have the power to lose an absurd amount of games with Laz to get the point across.

I’m going to bed now.