Lazarus Cloak


I had a game where Lazarus’ cloak stopped working halfway through.

This could have been just a visual bug however Lazarus looked as if he was de-cloaked even though the Cloak battery was running down instead of being empty.

Note this was halfway through the cloak so I think there might be some issues with the Cloak re-cloaking you after you de-cloak to revive or shoot at the monster.

I have only noticed this happening once but I think it might be a more frequent occurence then that since I rarely have the time and luxury to make sure im cloaked when the monster is chasing me around.


Did you pop the cloak outside a dome then run in? Because that’s a thing. :3


One time I activated my personal cloak as Lazarus and it never made me invisible. My screen was normal and the Behemoth clearly had no troubles finding me.


Nope I popped it normally on refueling tower while chasing Goliath and halfway through it stopped working.

And what popping cloak outside of the dome and walking in decloaks you? Really?



Sometimes a little bit apparently maybe. I could’ve sworn it happened to me once but I was on a drunk gaming spree. Others have reported it too, IIRC.


i had this yesterday too… not for the first time. i see my cloak is still running down and i’m not even cloaked. :smiley: also with the device… i took a hyde up he stand up and DIED immediately again.

and why the hell can bodies decay? makes laz also useless.