Lazarus cloak reset after revive?


Having Laz cloak extended or refreshed after using lazarus device on hunter.
Would this be a good or bad idea?


It’s perfectly balanced the way it is.
Having it extended would be unfair to the Monster, and if it refreshed, that would disallow Laz to get in, then out again unscathed.


I just see it all the time laz cloaks revives, cloak runs out and he dies.


Might help Laz a fair bit he really needs cloak to revive but he also can’t get away after without cloak. Right now he can only choose one so Laz just doesn’t work.


I like to use jet pack boost perk, for this situation. As soon as you take off to revive, cloak. By the time you revive you’ll have just enough cloak and fuel to boost a ways away unseen or at the very least far enough to doge the monsters onslaught. BTW pretty sure the reload speed perk doesn’t work on Laz’s cloak in case you were wondering.


If you boost cloak is totally useless though. It’s funny because a cloaked packing laz is actually easier to find then an uncloaked one because of a totally unobstructed view of the blue jetflame. Always found that funny.


Please. For the love of god, If you have an idea lock it up in a safe and never let it see the light of day.