Lazarus cloak ability keys need re-mapped


So, i’m very particular regarding custom key bindings. I have a Proteus core mouse with 5 extra buttons on the side. Whenever I play support, my cloak ability is bound to mouse 4 (for example), but when I am laz, it is bound to mouse 5. Its just confusing and could probably be an easy fix with the next patch.

I usually play trapper/medic/support and just can’t get all my keys straight when the same ability is bound to different keys depending on what character I use.

Just in case anyone else thinks this issue is annoying, i created a temporary fix. Setup my key bindings based around support class. Then created a new mouse profile with logitech gaming software - identical to the original mouse profile, but just switched mouse 4 and mouse 5. So whenever I play as laz, I just switch to my 2nd mouse profile.

But still, i think it would be an easy fix, probably as easy as changing 2 lines of text in one of the xml files.



First of all, excellent mouse (I use the same)! Cloak is support’s class ability and heal burst is the medic’s class ability. The class abilities always go in the 4th slot. I think what you’re suggesting would make it more confusing since you would be using a medic with heal burst bound to a different key than normal. What would (probably) be a better solution would be to give more advanced key binding options so that you can customize each class (or even characters…why not monsters too) instead of all hunters being bound together.


yes, more customization would be nice, but maybe they could just switch the 2 class abilities key bindings for the medic class