Lazarus' Character Mastery - Counter Intuitive?


Out of the couple of Hunters I have played over this weekend, Lazarus seems to be the slowest to level up.

The one skill I don’t really understand, and took forever to get points in, was to revive a dead player. It seems a little counter productive, as your job as a medic is to keep everyone alive, and if they die, then you aren’t doing your job properly!

In the middle of a fight you want to revive your fallen comrades asap to get them back into the battle. It just seems very circumstantial to unlock this one - unless you just stand over and wait for your buddy to bleed out. What this will lead to is people farming for their own progression, instead of for the game at hand. Which can also hinder the experience for everyone else. For example, the monster wipes out 3 players who are all in the fight for your life stance, the Lazarus player sees this as a good time to get some character mastery points, so lets you all die. As he is going to finally revive a player, the monster downs him, thus ending the game for the hunters who might have had a fighting chance if the medic was playing properly and not trying to farm some points.

I also think there was a bug with the other skill saying to revive wildlife or something along those lines (cant remember the exact wording). I think I read a dev say that this also counts for reviving players, but that didn’t count for me when playing. Also seems another counter-productive thing to do, as the medic will be off trying to kill and revive the wildlife instead of supporting the team. Also wasting his charge on an alien monkey, instead of on a player that might be needing it soon! Again, as I said, I believe I read that players should also count towards this? So maybe that was just a bug.

The only good one so far was to revive a fallen hunter whilst using the cloak, as that makes sense for your class. And will actually provide some on the spot help. Instead of waiting for you to die first and wasting time.

I haven’t been able to progress any further as a result, which is a shame as Val seems to be pretty well thought out and I’ve had no problems with progression. But then again, I understand that this is Alpha so I know things aren’t 100% ironed out yet. I just hope Laz has a few changes to his by release!


I dont like the two star “cloak revive dead players” one. It is difficult to get dead players


The point to reviving “dead” players vs “incap’d” players is when you fight against a good monster, he’s going to “guard” incap’d players until they die. If he doesn’t, he’s a very low-skilled player and yeah, Laz is going to be hard to level up. But if he guards-until-dead, Laz becomes insanely useful because he can cloak-revive the dead body. Unless the monster is EXTREMELY skilled and knows this, using smell to hunt Laz after (or go for him straight up, which should be tough if the Laz player is good at evading).

And since I just played a Laz game, against a decent monster, I can definitely say that these matches are INTENSE. Avoiding the Monster with cloak and well-timed jetpack maneuvers allow your team a LOT of time to deal damage. If the trapper is good, they can help with harpoons while the assault and support just wail on the monster unanswered. During my match in particular, though, it didn’t seem like support or assault did much because they kept getting too close and eating leap slams and charges, never dodging anything. I still kept them alive decently with the LD but still, it was a lost cause at that point (Stage 3 w/ full armor and basically full HP :/)


Just to clarify, the challenge is “revive creatures”. You can’t revive wildlife as Lazarus (I played him for a good 12 hours) and the only reason it isn’t worded as “revive hunters” is because Daisy the trap jaw counts.

If you are having trouble finding incapped players to revive in order to farm this mastery, try playing Evacuation and vote for Rescue whenever it comes up. Reviving the downed survivors counts.


You sure? You could on the alpha and I haven’t heard about it being removed. It’s lead to a lot of accidental tyrant revives followed by a swift death for some Lazarus players.

The only (small) use for Lazarus reviving creatures is reviving buffs so they can wander off or make it harder for the monster to get them (like if they have to kill a sloth for it). Sometimes it might even be better to let the buff decay, so it’s odd that the mastery is worded like that. Unless it’s within reasonable reach to complete on just dead hunters, I don’t think it should be like that.


I think it’s there to make sure lazarus players learn to not rush in. Monsters having to stick on a body for not only the incap but also the death of the player is a long time and many are unlikely to manage to defend that spot religiously for long enough.


Yeah, people have been complaining this beta about being unable to target a downed hunter under a megamouth carcass, for example. It can’t have been removed.


I guess it only shows the marker to use the Lazarus device above incapped teammates… I guess I never saw the point in reviving dead wildlife and just never tried it :stuck_out_tongue: