Lazarus can't revive recently downed bodies


I don’t know if this is intentional, but whenever Lazarus tries to revive a downed body, and the glove fires off at the exact(or nearly exact) time that the body goes from down to dead, it won’t revive the body.
I know this sounds very rare but it has lost two games just in the past 4 hours. It comes up more than you would think.
If this is intentional, its stupid. If its not, fix pls, thx :smile:

On X1

Laz & corpse Bugs

Yes, if the player dies while your device is charging up he/she won’t be revivied. It’s been an issue since the alpha.
Probably because the incapped player is not the same entity as the corpse or something.


That makes sense. It should be fixed though.


That cost me a game because I didn’t know about it ;-; I took a risk to get the Hank up, fired it off, and thought he can get his shield on me before I fall… Nope… He disappeared, and I went down shortly after. Was the game-changing moment. OTL


Happens all the time to me. I just try to revive when they are dead to avoid it if possible.