Lazarus bug?


I am attempting to revive our trapper, using the Lazarus device (of course) while she was lying dead next to an arc mine. When I “revived” her she did not come back instead the arc mine blew up and then the device had to recharge. Any thoughts?


My best guess is you revived some wildlife that was next to the trapper which immediately set the mine off killing it again


Thanks now that you mention it in the video there is the lifeless body of a reaver.


That’s probably it then. :slight_smile:


Yeah I had to look for it because the reaver is behind me when I tried to revive.


You can tell who you’re going to revive I believe. It outlines the corpse in a light white.


That was the thing I could not see the reaver it was behind me but you can see me walk by it on my way to maggie



Now that you mention the sunny was the one outlined.


Is there a purpose to rez’ing a monster?

I mean lets say you have laz, if you kill an elite tyrant with buff and then rez him. Will he still have the buff available for the monster to take? (trying to find some logic behind him reviving creatures other than pure fun lol)


It will, however reviving it in my opinon is better considering he has to waste time fighting it to get the buff, rather than getting free meat and a buff because the hunters left it.

Originally you could kill it and deny the buff by rezzing it. But they changed that long ago iirc


Well that’s true I suppose lol Sucks they changed it. I think more people would find him slightly less useless if he could still do that :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be one way of the hunters being able to deny more efficiently…


funny thing is how lazarus can revive while kraken is autoattacking meele on a corpse. any thoughts?


Far as I know, anyone can revive if the monster is attacking the corpse as long as the person reviving doesn’t get knocked back themselves.


yeah it was implied that i aimed for lazarus… and even hit. because he screamed


lol yeah that’s…


i would be happy to show the replay but… oh there is no replay functionality. well played trs.


yeah, no I don’t doubt you. Just meant that’s obviously not right lol


It depends. As for rezzing Albinos…I tend to avoid that for the most part. Better to just get the buff out of the game for good by letting it rot and keeping some form of LOS with it. Not too hard, more effective.