Lazarus broken


The insta rez with invisi+ no strikes is stupid, and idiots who say just eat bodies, you try to eat bodies in a fight!!!, this is broken and if not patched this game is going back to gamestop


Or learn the counters to Lazarus from any number of the threads that exist on this forum.


Uhh, why don’t you just target Lazarus first or camp the dead body cause that is where Lazarus will be trying to get to. If he goes invisible, (if your goliath of course) use you fire breath to find him. :wink:


Why would you help anyone counter my main? :cry:


Uhm. A few things.

  • Stealth doesn’t mean someone can’t be hit, a hunter will still leave jetpack traces, burning traces (incase of goliath), and footprints that can be smelled.
  • Lazarus sucks at healing, dealing heavy AoE damage can wipe multiple hunters at the same time, at this point it is just a matter of taking him out as he goes for a res, if he stealths simply keep hitting the location of the bodies with AoE.
  • Or you know, simply focus him out first.


this isn’t a bug


Kill lazzy first and problem SOLVED !




[quote=“Jason_Long, post:1, topic:36817”]
this is broken

i find caira more annoying


I honestly prefer Val in comparison with Lazarus. Yeah his revive is great but his ability actually, you know, be a medic is pretty bad. Only having the healing cloud means that he can’t really help keep the team alive.


The only thing I think needs to change is how laz can revive survivors in rescue, now that’s pretty broken. Other than that he is balanced and yea this should be in general not bugs.


I have a higher win rate against Caira, focusing laz is not as easy as it sounds when he goes invisi and u have to look for him as the other rip you to shreds. Don’t reply if you use Laz Bias opionions hold no value, most everyone knows the truth, his rez is fine, it needs to hold the same mechanics as other deaths
invisi-run- rez repeat


Lazarus’ personal cloak has a 30 second cooldown that starts once the cloak fully depletes. His lazarus device revive is faster than a normal revive but not instant and comes with a short cooldown. Lazarus also has no healing methods outside of revivals and heal burst (which won’t tide people over enough). One tactic is to spread damage around the whole group then knock them all out at the same time to overwhelm him. If they group up to be healed then great, you can knock them all with one skill. The other tactic is to go for Laz first as he can’t revive himself so he will be guaranteed strikes when he goes down. Either way when he uses his cloak look out for the tracers that give away his position (or listen out for his sound cues) or just wait for it to finish, sniff him out again and take him out in the 30 seconds that he doesn’t have access to his cloak. Lazarus has to jump through a lot of hoops for the sake of being able to revive hunters quickly without a penalty.


How is reviving surviors broken? He can barely heal them. He needs to be able to revive them as reviving is his way of healing.


I love fight versus Lazarus because he can’t realy heal his mates. So oftenly when you engage a fight, 1, 2 or sometimes 3 of them are already 50% healthless, so just present them a goliath rock and here we go !


and most use cd perk, I have played Laz he is easy to use all you have to do is spread out a little to play keep away from the monster and line of site the crap out of the monster to get him to chase you, like I said Laz users opinion will be bias I like to play with unfair shit to but when no one wants to play the monster because of a mechanic that is stupid OP then TRS has no other choice but to adjust JS


theres nothing broken about laz hes just annoying


My whole point is we all have Laz, we all have monsters. My point is that no one maybe 10% people will play a monster and if they get beat enough by broken mechanics they too will give up on that roll.
Who will play the monster, soon most people will see LAZ and hit the back button to escape the game.


and here I thought this was going to be an actual bug with Laz. Personally while I have been playing with a Laz I have had a bug were team mates fall through the floor and cannot be revived by Laz.


I get that shit trying to feed as a monster lol


Something to keep in mind is that unlike normal hunters, which have 45 seconds to be revived after death survivors only have 10.