Lazarus body glitch


Are there any plans to fix the Lazarus bodies fall they the map or teleport across the map glitch. It’s very annoying?
Just wondering, I like Lazarus but it’s risky to pick him, among other reasons lol




THREE TIMES IN ONE MATCH​:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Is it only with particular characters or monsters
Why does this keep happening???


I’ve seen it happen without a Lazarus. I’ve tried to eat a hunter’s body and there’s nothing there. I’ve also been able to knock live hunters underneath the map when I incap them as Behemoth.


Glitch has been around since the beginning of time.


I guess I haven’t really noticed since I don’t play Lazarus tht much lol
But I tried to pick him up omtoday and look what happens


“Are there any plans to fix the hunter bodies that fall through the map or teleport across the map?” Considering TRS only publish balance patches I’d assume not. Parnell’s Super Soldier? Bugged. Behemoth? Bugged. Matchmaking? Bugged. Speed Reload? Bugged. Lazarus device? Bugged.


Only thing worse than blind optmism: Idiotic pessimism.


Hope for the best but expect the worst.


Herb, in all the time I’ve known you, I’ve never thought you capable of ‘hope’.


Reload Speed got fixed.


Reload Speed should affect all 4 hunter’s abillities, which it currently doesn’t.


So it’s not bugged, it’s just not working how you want it to.


It is bugged @MrStrategio confirmed this, apparently it’s the way how TRS wants it to work as well


We have not been able to reproduce the bug on command, which is what we need in order to get it fixed. From the times that we have observed it, we have noticed that once a client gets the issue, they will continue to see it until they either back out or restart the game. There is a feeling that backing out to main menu may not correct it, but no one has been able to confirm it here.

The next time you get this, try backing up to main menu, and see if you get it in the next match. If you do tag me and let me know.

After that, try restarting the game and see if you can get it more often.


@MrStrategio Is there any talk about the Lazarus body glitch being fixed or even looked at?


It usually happens in my experience if the Monster uses a traversal on a dead Hunter.


land before time? part 1 or 2? (3 never happened) :smirk:


He responded to you, directly above your post.


Raise of hands. How many people get this glitch and hate it times infinity?

Nuf Said.