Lazarus becoming more popular?


Recently I’ve been playing Kala as much as possible to get to know her kit and overall become better with her. But the main topic is Lazarus. Literally every public game I’ve had so far involves a Lazarus. It can range from a determining rank to an elite/destroyer. As a medic I prefer Val or EMET because I prefer sustainability over resurrecting with little health sustainability. To me he is a high risk high reward medic but for the majority of players I’m currently seeing, they seem to pick him either because he seems cool or the possibility of always having the perfect opertunity to resurrect a corpse. It’s common knowledge now for any good monster to camp the body until death and to go as far as eating it (which is easier with the Behemoths rock wall) At that point Lazarus becomes near useless and for someone who can’t fully utilise him, it’s detrimental to the team. with the Slim and Caira changes, I would’ve hoped to see more of them used, even Val or EMET, but all I’m seeing now is Lazarus. Maybe I just need advice on how to coordinate with Lazarus better, even if they aren’t performing well. Or am I doomed as soon as a bad Lazarus joins? I realise Lazarus isn’t the best against any monster, I’m just curious if there are ways to support him other than using my cloak to save his personal cloak or constantly setting siren missles around a downed team mate. I’ll usually set up teleports for a quick escape but not every team member is aware of them at times. I play public matches and I have a team of players I play with almost every night so this is mainly focused on public matches.


Emets damage was nerfed in the update, but overall Laz is very liked. He’s the best medic with Bucket or Cabot, even Kala. On the contrary, his weakness is fire. So Behemoth and Golaith are a bad match for him.

My best guess is with Kala you can teleport downed players away and res them. Just put a portal near them.

I dislike Laz because of the fanboys. They always play him, are are ignorant to his weaknesses. Emet is a better medic because of the heals and beacon. You can save 2 minutes with the beacon because of the dropship animation.


Wasn’t aware you could teleport downed teammates. Only issue is, that strategy wouldn’t work to well if the monster is focusing the body so you may as well get them up there instead of teleporting, given the opertunity. I’ve tried Lazarus every now and then and i see why people like him, but as you say, people overlook his weaknesses.


They feel like they can self-sustaine themselves more than Val. I play Laz into my 2nd or 3rd game of loosing in pub, depending on the monster player.

I hate Laz fanboys the most because I lost 40 points in ranked due to one. That’s 40 points In one game.

The deploy times on the portals is 5 seconds, so try to keep throwing them, making sure Laz is ready on the other end.


I’m getting there with the portals, I’ve managed to get our trapper (our pre made team) back to the central point of the map to get close to the monster. We managed to dome the monster pretty quickly because of those teleports. Before the monster hits stage 3, I usually put a teleport at the relay to get us there quickly, we usually agree to camp the relay when they hit stage 3. We let them get armour, I use the armour reducer and it works from there. what makes some Lazarus worse is when they don’t use heal burst frequently. For me the whole point of Lazarus is staying close to team mates during the chase to top up their health as they shouldn’t have strikes. When hunters are scurrying about the arena with -50% health, it worries me as the monster can easily finish more than one person off, using the cloak at the right time as well. He isn’t easy to use like some people think, that’s why I always cringe when I see a determining rank choose Lazarus. I hope for the best but it usually always ends quickly.


When I play Laz on an open map, I use a tactic called swooping. I would get off a ledge/pillar and run by the fight and heal burst. If the Lazes you play with don’t do that then they are solely banking on res, and they aren’t being a good medic.

If they don’t heal enough, either ask them to more frequently or tell them to not play medic, since it’s a huge responsibility.


As a monster player, Laz is more of an annoyance then a threat. His play style is obvious and unless your on metal, I can see the dust clouds and footprints he leaves behind, so I’t not hard to just leap smash or abduct him away from the corpse or downed team mate. Don’t really need to body camp when i know where he’s going.


Made this post on a kala thread but I think it fits here too.

@XplosionIncorporated kala allows for more effective “swooping” lol


I imagine part of it is since all the sudden everybody and their dad wants to play Support…regular supports dont feel like fighting for their usual class so they play the “other” Support theyre not efficient with. And Laz is arguably the most forgiving.


Do they go laz before or after you go kala? They could be picking laz because you chose a more offensive support.

Kala’s teleporters are amazing for laz because can sit miles away from a fight and stil teleport in to res. Or he can do the opposite, res and teleport away.

Not to mention weakspots go really well with the armor reducer since they maximize the damage of bullet weapons even if they have bad recoil/spread.


They usually choose it before or at the same time. Yeah I originally though the weak spots and reducer would work really well, it all depends on the assault and trapper making the most of it.