Lazarus appreciation thread


##Please don’t make this thread a “complaining thread” about Laz PLEASE ##

Just like the Goliath Appreciation thread please. Thankyou


I, as a monster player, appreciate that Laz is the most satisfying medic to kill.

There. That wasn’t so hard.


Oh Great Laz. You are amazing if a great player bestoweth you. Fear not for the days of a hunter going down and you stand next to him trying for the revive will come to an end.


I appreciate all those times when hope seemed lost, everyone is dead, when suddenly our ninja laz singlehandedly juked out the monster, then rezzed every last one of us for the win.
GG Laz


I appreciate good players that can play Lazarus well.


I appreciate the all mighty lazarus device killing the disease instead of fighting the infection :^)


I appreciate Laz’s ability to revive teammates even though his teammates gave the monster some evolve and armor. He still gives them love.


said no one ever :smirk:


Had an awesome match a couple of nights ago where our Laz and trapper went down. The trapper was killed and Laz was bleeding out. The behemoth started chasing Sunny and using my shield to withstand the lavabomb on Laz, I picked him up as he picked up our trapper just as Sunny fell. By now the monster was so low on health that he couldn’t stay and tried to run but it was futile. Matches can get so effing close that it isn’t even funny, and the odds swing so far back and forth in a battle :lazarus_cute:


@Brandini have a moment that is a bit cuter.

First time I found I can revive dead animals. So ran around reviving animals my friends killed (Either I’m a nice guy or after the Laz 1 achievement). So our team killed a tyrant just to get it out of our way. So Just for fun and I thought I could tame it. I Lazed the Tyrant. As a thankyou he gave me a hug and my team had to RE-Kill it. But stupidly enough I thought I could Laz him and run away fast enough but got hugged again. This time my friends were gone because I waited 15 seconds for recharge. Either way I still have a heart for some animals we accidentally kill.


Yes, such as nomads, Sloths, armadons, and megamouths. I actually had a match where we let the monster get to stage 3 (he was new) and we spent the whole match rezzing and killing a tyrant. We played a game seeing who it would chase if we all stood on it.


So some what like a raffle. So what score did you get?


Laz will forever be the man.


Eh, it seemed pretty random, though it seemed to target me the most (I was Laz)


I appreciate laz for giving my hunter(s) brain damage :slight_smile:


As a monster player I sometimes hate Laz when the hunter team can keep sufficient pressure on me and not allow me to armor up. If a monster doesn’t have enough health and armor he can’t wait around long enough to kill and eat a hunter or to bait laz to come out for a revive. All he can do is kill the trapper then start running again for his life meanwhile the trapper gets revived, no damage done and they are back on your trail again. Laz makes a monster commit sooner then he would like to or take the lumps and start running again.


This. If Lazarus and the Assault are up at the same time you can forget about that corpse. Camping it starts to become a far too painfull experience to be worth it. Even if the assaults currently besides Torvald lack any real dps :unamused:


Lazarus needs one of those community events to bring all the talented Lazaruses out, teach the community to work around him. Most people don’t change their style of play or just give up when they see him on the team.


I appreciate it when people take Laz and I ask them to take Caira instead, and they do.


I appreciate that Lazarus helps me narrow down which Medic to use.