Lazarus and the prevention of buff hunting monsters!


So, many a game that I play as Lazarus I have a strict method of dealing with Buff hunting monsters…

Let’s set up a scenario for you that others can’t seem to grasp or accept as a useful tactic. Me and my team of randomly assorted hunters will set off in search for one of the Four currently standing beasties… Along our merry way we encounter a Tyrant that boasts a significant boost in Damage Dealt or Damage Recieved is Reduced.

Upon engaging this beast, we stand triumphant and take the spoils of war for our own advantages… Now ladies and gentlement, this is where my problem arises.
Noticing that we will leave a meal for the Monster if he/she should stumble across it, a meal that will turn the tides in battle.
I take it upon myself to Ressurrect the tyrant so our monster friend cannot reap the benefits of a slain Buff, ready for his consumption.

It is at this point my team will blindly reengage the monster despite already having this buff… All the while I SEE the monster waiting for us to move on before it can sink its fangs into essentially a victory feast!

No matter how persistent I am, hunters just cannot grasp this method and I am forced to leave the dead body for our feral friend.
5 minutes later we bump Into our Main catch with a buff that seems all too familiar.

To summarise: Am I bad for reviving a buff so the monster has to fight and kill it to recieve its albino blessings?
Or should I leave it for them to stumble across and simply hold LT for the bonus?


So instead, you revived it so he could use it for later? What?
You realise reviving albinos do just what you think it would, you know, bring them back from the dead? So that the buff will be available later since it won’t decay?

Dead buffs decay after 2 minutes, while live ones can be used when the monster get to stage 2 or 3.


I agree. Most of the time I would rather camp the body, than refrigerate the meal for them. All the monster has to do is heat it up a little. Not a great tactic in my opinion.


I see where you guys are coming from.
When In a group I can trust we will use the monster as a trap, purely because we know the monster player ( 8/10 ) cannot refuse the free meal.
But if the monster is Kiting a group of randoms then it’s best to revive the monster during the ring around a roses.
Taking into account what’s being said, after the monster flees and is guaranteed gone, we can kill it and leave it dead.
However, as I stated above… With randoms and I’m FULLY aware the monster is watching, I’d rather buy us more time than give it to him, wrapped in silk paper complete with a pretty little bow.


as hunter i hate it when lazs do that…as monster i love it when lazs do that


On the side note, me and my team will continue to chase the monster after this encounter. Many times we’ve came back to the tyrant and the monster dueling it out.
Upon engaging the two, Monster player fled the scene.
Unable to stop and simply eat.

Otherwise, why else could Lazarus revive wildlife without tactic potential?
It’s all very circumstance based.


Tyrant is HP regeneration buff by the way. And yes it’s not hard for monster to kill any wildlife, so it’d be better to kill it and have at least 1 hunter to have line of sight on it from far away to make sure monster won’t eat it until it decays. Bringing a couple of reavers there also can help cause reavers will eat the body completely.
Either way it won’t be a very relevant issue after buffs nerf later on this week.


Now that’s constructive criticism, thank you.