Lazarus (and support) cloak activates, and doesn't work


One of those strange bugs I had a few times now and it happened again. For some reason sometimes I play Lazarus or Support and when I cloak I get hit and the cloak doesn’t go back on. When playing Lazarus this actually cost me the match because our cloak swap got totally messed up. This costs me a cooldown since the cloak is “technically” still on and then it needs to recharge. Against any monster with half a brain this is really dangerous. This also happened playing Sunny and Hank so it has something to do with the cloak itself.

If I remember correctly this only triggers after getting hit, but I faintly remember playing Laz activating it and nothing happened. This also happened in the last week, not before that.


This is a known bug and is being looked into. It happens with Parnell’s Super Soldier too. :smile:


I’ve been having this a lot too actually. I just got done with a game with @warpathchris and I used my cloak but it didn’t SHOW ME as being cloaked.


It’s because you weren’t… It is not a graphical glitch, you are actually not cloaked.


Well I mean, yeah, I get that.