Lazarus and his zombie horde


Right then… sooooooo… I was playing with a buddy last night that is an elite Laz, and was even elite level in the beta (aka he has some time in)… it occurred to him that he’d never tried this…

We were laughing our asses off at the time. So, then we got to thinking how this might work strategically. And we came up with this;

  1. Take down a high value wildlife that has a buff.
  2. Grab said buff…
  3. Rez the beast and tag it (with trapper)

You now have a tagged zombie AND the buff to boot. Given that a dead beast will eventually degrade and disappear, it’s a WIN/WIN. Why merely tag random wildlife when you can have your own personal Buff Zombie… am I right? lol

Anyway… it was funny shit… that can actually be useful. I thought I’d share it.

@EyeOfCharon - This is the footage I was mentioning last night, we gotta start doing this bro…

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

What’s not to love about equal parts genius and hilarious? :laughing:


Now that’s just downright fun. :laughing:


Yea man… our randoms (no mics) musta wondered WTF we were doing (while they were dying… whoops). All they heard was us laughing our asses off trying this on various wildlife.

In the footage where the whole team was together with the Tyrant, (diff match, randoms with mics) everyone shit themselves when he brought it back from the dead. It was some funny shit indeed …


i was told that you can do this to the monster when the match is ending and if you do you get an achievement.


Oh shit… really? We didn’t try that because we figured the end-game animation would chop it. Ok then, we’ll give it a go tonight and report back lol.

Imagine the freak out the monster player would have? “WTF? I was dead?”


i don’t know if its completely true, but the people that told me also said you still get the win the monster just gets back up.


Minion revive, please!


We shall see… we can test that tonight.

@Catastrophy - in the last part of the video, there’s a clip where we tried that. Didn’t work. Would have been funny shit if it did though… great way to troll idiot hunter teammates.


Isnt this how you get his first star with the lazarus device? Revive 15 creatures?


Not sure, from what I can find it’s

Tier 1 = Use the device four times.
Tier 2 = Use the device on teammates 28 times.
Tier 3 = Use the device on 3 teammates 25 times.

And it’s for the cloak I believe?

Tier 1 = Cloak revive 7 creatures/wildlife using the Lazarus Device.
Tier 2 = Cloak revive 22 teammates using the Lazarus Device
Tier 3 = Cloak revive 2 teammates in a single match 25 times.

Huh, I guess my bud forgot about doing that? Or maybe it’s changed since beta? Not sure… regardless, the tactic for darting buffed wildlife, is still legit hehe


Old startegy, not very effective with high-end buffs.

I need the freaking Tyrant out of the play, not running alive with full HP AND tthe buff.


Cool… I didn’t know that and the folks I play with hadn’t either. Just thought to put it out there. As for the Tyrant, yea… I wouldn’t bother doing it with those. I am thinking easier buff kills that the monster is more likely to go after.


Sure, we do that all the time. Never know what hit 'em.