Lazafart Adaptation Theory. =D

So, assuming we do get an adaptation for Loozarus, I thought up a really dumb idea for it. :smiley:

The device revives preettymuch instantly, and his sniper markers amp damage for 3x and are slightly larger, but:

Bodies rot MUCH faster. I’m thinking ten to twenty seconds, not sure yet. o.O

The Healing burst is weaker.

The Cloak has a longer (read: Not annoying as all hell) cooldown and possibly a longer duration.

So the idea would be, this Lazapleb variant would be extremely offence oriented; bodies rot really fast, so the monster will find it easier to get a strike if you don’t go for the rez; but the more powerful markers mean that if he bodycamps…He’s dead. 3x damage, not even accounting for possible headshots, amp, etc. Even Griffin’s SMG would rip the monster apart. So he’d be able to get strikes, yes, but he’d risk a LOT of health for it.

Now, if you go for the strike, the monster can knock you back and all (he’ll need to force out the cloak prior to downing someone to stop a sneakrevive, and the higher CD will kick in) but you can likely get it off. But if you do get it off, lower self sustain means the monster has a higher chance of downing you.

Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Still a better love story than Twilight? Discuss, children.

EDIT: Alternative to the intstarez, as set forth by @Donut:

I like that one. :smiley:

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The name…
The ideas…
The concepts…

But on a serious note no xD

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Why not though? ^.-

It would be fun, but considering that Behemoth can instantly kill you if you are hit by a tounge grab and Wraith can juggle you until you die, an agressive adaption would mostly be a waste in my experience.


Be nice, just because you don’t like an idea does not mean you can shut it down with no counter argument.

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I like the idea, all I want is muh Caira damage adaption though D:

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Well I can just see so many easy wins and funny battles that it’ll become a YouTube sensation really :slight_smile:

I am being nice. You just misunderstood my tone man :confused:

That is a very likely variation option, so that’s cool.

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It was a serious tone. You made that very clear.

How does it looks serious at all? I even put a laughing face in front of it and I stated I loved the concepts and idea :confused:

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Yeah that’s true. The offensive oriented teams always, always suffer in this game actually. Any team without a Hank or Sunny and prettymuch every monster but Kraken who is arguably the best at defence because of his flight.

Did my tone seem serious to you? I thought it was clear that I was using ga joking manner :confused:

It’d better become a thing :smile:

Anyways I really like this idea, can’t wait for adaptions if they’re gonna be like this.

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That part was clearly serious, as I saw it. O.o

That part seemed like a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is techinically a bad thing, if you joke about liking it but are serious about disliking it? But really man I don’t give a damn, I like hearing opinions, and I accept that all my ideas suck! :slight_smile:



I said on a serious note as in I don’t agree but I didn’t mean it in a negative way like @MrTalha Is trying to suggest. I just don’t think it’ll work. That’s it. It’s not like I’m attacking your idea and saying it’s bad. I just don’t agree with it is all :slight_smile:

The joke part wasn’t that I was joking about liking your idea, the thing is I do like your idea! But I don’t see how it would work exactly.

People take things wrong and blow it out of proportion -_-


Ooooooooooooh it won’t work. :laughing: The only things in this game that work are titled defence, and defence.

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Omg of course you would go there :laughing:

Make that Laz go Loco

Except there would be no animation.

Kidding. They’d need to tweak the animation, naturally- the revive is instant, almost- but yeah.