Laz vs. Wraith - how to stop a dedicated body eater?


Had a match earlier against a Wraith and I was completely and totally shut down by Wraith’s ability to stealth and eat dead hunter bodies. Tried shooting in the vicinity of the body in the hopes that it would interrupt, but she would literally appear right on my reticle just after eating. This happened without fail on every single down.

What I want to know is how I can stop this. And if there are hunter-specific strategies given (such as having a hank with orbital barrage) then I’d like one for every single non-medic who can possibly be on a team. Otherwise I need to know something that any hunter can do. Does shooting work and perhaps we were just missing somehow? It was really frustrating because I felt entirely helpless. I mean I knew Wraith could eat while stealthed, but I never thought it would be this difficult to stop when I actually faced one who made it their top priority.

I’m wondering if I should have cloaked and went in for a revive with EXTREME URGENCY knowing that she would like try to eat. That’s hard since I’m usually a distance away, but… idk.


By peppering the hell out of it. Even if your teammates are dead, just shoot above the body and get it to reveal itself.


Hyde’s Toxic Grenades. Toss it and Laz can run in and, unless the Wraith wants to take damage, revive pretty much worry free.


Markov: Mines
Hyde: Grenades
Parnell: Stand on the corpse, you’re living breathing area denial.

Cabot: Rail her something big
Hank: Orbital
Bucket: Tons and tons of sentries (coupled with firing a load of rockets in that direction)

Griffin: If she killed someone already because you’re not landing harpoons, you’re just bad.
Maggie: Traps
Abe: Stasis Grenades make her visible in stealth with rings floating around in the air + Dart

That’s really all i can think of man, try to employ these strats in game and i think it’ll end up better for you and your team.


If this works then maybe… honest I have no idea. We were a coordinated team and I made sure to say “shoot above the body since she’ll probably cloak to eat”, and she appeared as I was shooting, right where I was shooting. Idk, if this works then I’ll have to try again when I can.


That is more of assault’s fault.

Assault and whoever has a gun should shoot above the dead body.If you hit it Wraith actually appears for a milisecond.

I never had this problem when playing with a party because they know what to do.

Doing it yourself as Laz is a bit hard because its not like you have the attackspeed and spread like assault/trapper weapons have.

Also not just shoot the dead body.Wraith could be in the left or right of the body eating it.Just keep attacking a full-burst there that’s all.

Or if you have hyde throw a tocix grenade there and Wraith can’t do anything


It works sometimes, up until you can get something to cover it with mines or something.


I see. I’m thinking that maybe it was just me shooting and no one else. I honestly wasn’t watching since I was trying so hard to make sure she didn’t eat. It was a really good Wraith and everyone was little “woah” so maybe they didn’t hear me or pay attention to what I was saying.

And thanks for the responses, all. I am going to be more vocal about what needs to be done next time.


Do note that Toxic Grenades do NOT stop pouncing and eating. It will just take damage.


No kidding? I thought since they did damage they stopped eating. Somebody should have told the Wraith I fought last night that!


When Wraith is stealthed damage will only reveal her momentarily, her taking an action is what breaks it fully. I think the problem was that your team wasn’t interrupting her eating. If you need to interrupt her yourself then I’d recommend learning the eating speed of the monster and pacing your shots to make a clip last her stealth duration but really your team should be keeping the body safe too.

@TomsMeatPlatter I am of the same opinion as Maddcow. Toxic grenades don’t stop feeding, they just add extra damage to the area. Actually stopping feeding would be a great thing considering how long it takes to swap back to another weapon… It should do that :frowning:


thats wat he said


Your team needs to draw or force the Monster away but ultimately Lazarus gets shut down so easily by body camping/eating and rarely needs to be focused first.

Said it in a different thread too… Lazarus really punishes bad Monster players but he’s nigh useless outside of newbie-tier.


Well shhh don’t tell people, we can make them think it will interrupt feeding and fool them all!


I think he’s pretty good against Wraith at times because she can’t afford to camp a corpse or take all that bonus damage from his sniper rifle, but she does dispatch targets well enough to scare him off from trying a revive too. That said, I’ve been against plenty of players that just let me eat stuff even if I used decoy right next to the corpse I want so there’s definitely a learning thing involved. As for the other monsters, if I haven’t lost my armour yet then it’s very hard to scare me away from a body though getting the chance to eat it is another thing altogether. Pretending to lose interest in corpses just to use them to bait Lazarus or waste his cloak is something I do that works very often though. Still, a decent team would/should have burnt away enough armour to be able to scare me from their allies before Lazarus’ limited healing takes it’s toll.

Still think he’s a little too one track compared to Val and Caira, of course.


Ya, same with downed pistol fire.


I knew the pistol thing, but I feel like the grenades should at least stop eating. Oh Well, still gonna throw em and torch where the corpse is so Laz can get in there!1