Laz, the burning ninja


So I decided to record few videos of how to play Laz, survive and keep team (mostly) alive. First video doesn’t have sound, so sorry for that. Feel free to bash me if you feel like it.


What perks you use for lazarus?


Passive healing, reload and cooldown reduction.


By cooldown reduction you mean another reload perk or class ability cooldown perk?


Class ability of course


Dude this is Ninja :lazarus_cute:


Great job, dude. I envy as a Lazarus addict :stuck_out_tongue:


These videos really demonstrate what’s so good about Lazarus and why I consider him the “easiest Medic to use” (note… I didn’t mean OP or “Easy to get wins with”).

Like in the first video, @Terepin only ever had to switch out of Primary Weapon once. This is basically as basic/simple/easy as it gets. You shoot the monster with your primary weapon to do damage and debuff the monster at the same time. You hit this AOE button to heal, and you use this other button if you’re under attack.

Very easy to understand. @Terepin basically demonstrates the “Perching” strategy that is so effective with Lazarus and is easily picked up if you’ve played Sniper/Marksman in Call of Duty.

In my mind this beats Val who needs this other gun to heal people with and has yet another weapon to debuff the monster - It’s so complicated. I never understood why people thought of Val as “easy to use”. I actually don’t like her gameplay design at all. lol.

Interesting tactics in use here about hanging back outside the dome and waiting for actual damage to occur before making the save. But in the case of @Terepin , he was sort of lucky in the first video. Those three hunters he was with were actually very good at holding their own even once the fight started. I’d like to incorporate these things into my own Lazarus play, but I’ve been unlucky with getting 3 Hunters in constant need of band-aids (hence why I use Rocket Man, Leadership, and Command) so it hasn’t always occurred to me to hide outside the Dome.

But this is a key tactic as it sets up the Monster Player being unaware of a 4th Hunter when Lazarus walks into the Dome about a minute after everyone else.

Yet, these videos also demonstrate why I gravitated towards Emet. In cases where your teammates are constantly in a state of emergency, Lazarus cannot always save them all. But Emet sometimes can.

With a pretty over-aggressive/suicidal team Lazarus can become ineffective and over-exposed and that reduces the viability of any “ninja” strategies with him.



@Terepin , are you maining as Lazarus now? Seems weird that we switched places. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lazarus, Quaira and Emet, at your service.


Good choices! I haven’t gotten to try Quantum Caira yet though but as I feel you and I are both happier with AOE effect characters, Quaira would be a natural fit for me as well.


I’ll try to record more videos today.


I wasn’t really impressed with the Wraith with the first video, he spent so much time running around the dome, not attacking and even if he did attack Lazarus he just gave up so quickly. The Wraith is mid-tier player at best.

Laz is probably my worst Medic but the video gave me a idea on how I should play him better, my only problem is that any competent Monster will just hard focus Lazarus, any ideas how to counter this?


Yes… @Terepin demonstrated the tactic very well… Stay outside the Dome. A Monster that is trying to find you from the opening seconds of a Dome is going to leave an opening for the other 3 Hunters to punish him. You wait till he’s “not looking”… then join the fray.

Even if the Monster starts looking for you (will he even notice you’re there if you spent the first minute outside the dome?) The Monster might be aware as soon as life bars get refilled by Healing Burst. But depending on how much time the team bought you it might be too late to “focus Laz”.

That’s the beauty of @Terepin’s strategy. :slight_smile:

In fact the reason the Wraith may have looked like it was “wasting time” in the first Dome was because he might have been looking for Lazarus and may have been momentarily confused that there were only 3 Hunters instead of 4. It’s clear to me that by the time Laz entered the Dome the Monster player was already fully preoccupied.

It’s genius. :slight_smile:


But the Wraith isn’t even that good in the video. A good Monster player will focus one target down and force an incap as quickly as possible, does Laz go in the dome to prevent it or what? Seems like once the Monster notices Laz in the area he’ll break off and focus him down and really skilled Monsters can easily bypass cloak since certain abilities just give him away.



I’m legitimately asking for tips cause it seems like it’s the purpose of this thread and I honestly get this…?


And I was deadly serious. Every hunter that require ninja-like play style needs creative player that can asses situation on the go. That’s why I can play with those three medics petty well, but fail miserably with the rest.


Yes… this is linked to my comment about “3 Hunters who need Band-Aids” and why I mentioned @Terepin was a bit lucky the 3 Hunters were good or maybe the Wraith was distracted already by not being able to follow the textbook of “Find Laz First”.

When do you jump in? In my experience sometimes I have to be right there with them if the 3 Hunters have a deathwish. It can’t be helped and no strategy is perfect.

That said there’s other strategies that I’ve used such as hitting cloak after turning a corner and dropping down/climbing up opposite to a Monster’s level by watching the startup animation for climbing/falling for Monster.

I also like to Stealth and Run, Jet Pack thrust straight into my teammates and hit them with Healing Burst immediately (even if damage was not significant). If they have half of any usual awareness they will block the Monster with their newly found strength.

Lazarus has no viable “solo tactics”… Everything involves environment, teammates, and yes… “Imagination”. :slight_smile:

I’ve won some games as Crow or Lazarus by sitting in a bush under the monster’s nose for example.

P.S.: It is also a characteristic of very good Lazarus matches that the Monster can sometimes appear to be very stupid (especially the ones that immediately try to focus Lazarus from the start but are outsmarted by something as simple as standing outside the Dome).


If you see this you think “Monster stupid!”. But anytime an ingrained gameplan doesn’t work, you can look pretty “stupid”. For Lazarus though it is pretty potent. Every miscalculation means the Hunter Team can get 500 hp back within a 15 - 22 second block.