Laz tactics

There is a way to beat the Lazarus man, I have found a way. When Laz is far away and you know he could cloak as soon as you focus him, isolate another player and down them. DO NOT CAMP THE BODY! Laz will use his cloak, swoop in for the revive and BOOM he has used his cloak and revealed his location to you. Then you capitalize on the situation. Burn Laz, BURN HIM TO THE GROUND. This has worked in the 7/7 games ive played after discovering this, so enjoy!

So…is this before or after you take heaps of dmg?

I personally prefer focusing on Laz first, downing if possible but if not, when he pops his cloak, I start focusing the support/trapper. I should be able to down either of them by the time the cloak wears off, and Laz will naturally be inclined to go try to help the downed support/trapper. That’s usually when I win the match. In fact, by the time Laz’ cloak burns out, he shouldn’t have had the time to fully heal himself back yet.

Helps to have armor. I like to focus assault to limit that damage, but it is a sacrifice, I’d say a Laz strike or two for a couple-4 bars of health is fair, unless you’re wraith…

4 bars of health for one strike!!?!?!?!?! That’s a hefty price. For me, anything for more then 3 bars is usually not worth it.

It’s Laz, medic dies they all die and if laz is dead then they fall quickly…

That’s not always the case. There’s a high chance you can win…but not guaranteed.

I like my chances, Evolve is sorta about risk taking, i take those risks.

As do I. But 4 bars of health is far too much for one measly strike.

  1. If you see Laz, force him to burn his cloak. Kill him later when it is down.

  2. Spread damage around on Hunters. They don’t have a normal Medic to counter this, and multiple downs is almost a guaranteed win if the Monster doesn’t throw the game.

  3. Don’t focus the Assault unless they blow their shield needlessly and have a habit for needlessly taking AOE damage. They take a very long time to down if they play properly.

  4. As you say, downed Hunters can be good bait for catching Lazarus. Even if he revives, the Monster has the advantage if they make him die for it.

Each to their own i guess, a Bob bar is valued less than a kraken or goliath one…

Believe me against a coordinated pub, Laz would be the last to go down… you people just dont understand a pro Laz player gives about zero fricks about rezing someone, the mindgame is to make the monster think that.

The reason why i keep posting on these threads is becuase im third in the world with the damn bald guy, its never a priority to rez someone, if we get the rez good, if not, the monster has already has had half his health removed. Fair trade.

If you’re any good, you don’t take the heaps of damage.

That’s quite the poor counter argument. It’s like saying “If the hunters are any good they won’t need much healing being done.”

I sense that you missed the sarcasm. My apologies.

If you threw out another word hinting at the sarcasm I would have caught it. You made it sound so…correct.

Which is why it is perfect. :joy:

Seriously though, when I play Lazarus, half the time I don’t even go for the revive. I like to stay just close enough to make the monster THINK I’m going for it. I like equipping the glove too. Nothing makes a monster walk into a mortar barrage quite like “THE LAZARUS DEVICE IS READY! WHERE ARE THE DEAD?”

Sure the monster gets a strike on the trapper, BUT if it had to corpse camp the whole time and taken a BIG hit for its trouble.

If the game was made so that playing with 1 or two strikes was impossible then it would be the case of worry. But since you can still pull out a win with a whole team of double strikes…I can take a strike or two. The trade off has to be alot of health though.

For example against an S2 and I get a double strike but we bring the monster down to 1 bar? Psh…go ahead…evolve…make my day. I’ll take that double strike for the amount of dmg you took just to get said strikes. Considering after evolving you only get 3 bars back anyway.

As long as I can stay alive through most of the armor…the rest of the team can defend my body for laz in that case.

Especially against bob’s with Rw eating. When someone is close to getting downed against bob everyone should already be getting into position to stop the feeding. THEN when he does use RW and someone has LOS then the best way to stall is to not deal maz dmg right away…just tap the shots and make him waste time looking and attacking whoever interrupted him. After the wall is done is when I start pouring on the dmg. Because now he has no place to hide.

Laz’s poor healing is his biggest weakness, use it against him.

You should be able to break domes a lot easier since you can down the trapper faster.

You can spread damage a lot more because of his poor healing. Downing 2 people at once throws the bodycamping scenario out the window. Hell, down one person, ignore them, and down another one (assuming you spread the damage well). Nouw the chase against laz is that much easier.