Laz somehow revives a body I camped

I was camping the body as Bob and spat lava bomb on it and sat on it and somehow laz revived the body. Just how just how? Maybe he ressed when doing a windup animation for melee?

The body I was camping was there assault that was lennox and damage amp cabot destroying 4 bars of my health per hit xD.

I think sitting on the corpse doesn’t stop Lazarus from reviving a body.

Edit: Also, lava bomb doesn’t either.

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that sucks to cause I was meleeing aswell

Still, he can do it, one heavy melee is all Lazarus needs to revive the hunter or even a normal melee.


The initial knockback of lava bomb interupts rez. But Laz can sit in the lava pools and still rez.

It is possible to rez inbetween hits, but very rare. More likely that one of your melee’s somehow missed, but it could be the other way.


If he revived someone while standing in Lava Bomb and while you’re hitting him with melee attacks, he shouldn’t of been almost dead unless there was an Hank.

well that melee time costed me 10 bars of my health xD and a massacre.

it was cabot not hank.

Did you down Lazarus then? He should of been near death. :s

Sadly I couldn’t down him even though he was in the middle of all that chaos. Also the worst support to face as Bob is cabot.

Depending on the timing, if you miss one melee- and lazarus starts the revive immediately after taking the initial hit of an initial melee, he can get the revive off.

Fun lazarus tip: Lazarus does not need to stand still to use the glove. Lazarus is more than capable of getting “run by” revivings. He can literally run at a hunter, begin the revive at the edge of its allowable distance, and continue to run in a straight line, getting the revive before he exceeds the gloves range, never having to stop along the way.

yeesh that would be painful with jack as the trapper and jack giving laz free revives with cabot damage amping the monster or hank bombarding xD.

With a heavy heart I can only say: Yes, you are correct.

The behemoth’s heavy attack windup animation is exactly long enough for Lazarus to revive. Also, fire does NOT stop revives.