Laz should not be able to revive half-eaten Hunters


Don’t know if this has been talked about and I don’t really care. Laz should not be able to revive half-eaten bodies, it makes zero sense both in gameplay terms and IRL if this was real. I’ve never understood why he has that capability, he’s strong enough without having that ability as well. It’s the most difficult thing in the world to keep dead hunters down when facing Laz + Cabot.


At first I thought this was just a theory/realism discussion which I could participate in. Not sure why you’d bring up the realism argument considering this is Evolve and we’re talking about a character that brings people back to live, but there you go.

But then it turns out it is a balance topic, a Laz topic no less, and…

…is just plain wrong. Laz is considered one of the if not the weakest Medic at any level beyond Bronze Destroyer. He needs serious buffs to bring back his patience game or the ability to keep his team alive longer.
The next title update might address this, who knows.

But no, current version of Laz is at a laughable state and while not everyone thinks he’s a very fun character, you’re gonna have a really hard time finding people on this forum who will agree with you on Laz needing yet another nerf.

Use this thing if you’d like to know why people think Laz is already bad enough as he is. The topic has already been beaten to dead.


No need to put out the fingers . Implying this guy is not good and completely through out his argument out of the window

High gold can do this to us man lol .

You are right though . Laz is pretty easy to counter . But it takes practice . You should have laz mindset so you play against him

laz will be reworked . He will not be able to remove strike from the dead

But his healing to the team will improve / down players can do more pistol damage

It will be in the next title update


I don’t think @Rick was trying to be rude, he’s simply stating that at higher levels, Laz’s effectiveness really falls off. I’ve always thought the best way to describe Lazarus, is that Lazarus is only as good as the Monster he is facing.
Good Monsters know that when they’re fighting Lazarus, they can incap the Trapper every time they are domed, and run off, since Laz won’t be able to heal the Trapper enough to keep them up.
Good Monsters who have experience fighting Laz, and the Supports, can usually keep a tab on cloaked Hunter’s, whether using footprints, sound, jetpack flames, dust, or just predicting their movements, you can keep track of a cloaked Hunter. So while having a cloak can be useful, if a skilled Monster sees you cloak they can often keep hitting you. And once his cloak where’s off Laz is in a bad spot.
He can bring Hunter’s back to life, which can be a good advantage, especially with the strike mitigation, BUT, a skilled Monster won’t body camp. They’ll go for Laz, or get someone down, and keep just close enough that as soon as you hear that glove, you’re back on the body. Even if he gets that revive you can pummel him.
He is gimmicky, and forces you to play differently, but he gives the Monster the advantage of being able to get out of any dome. It’s a free stage 2 or 3, and if you play with that in mind, and don’t body camp (because Laz wants you to) then you’ll win. As soon as he’s dead, the teams dead, simple as dat. :slight_smile:
I hope this helps OP, Laz is the bane of anyone who doesn’t know how to fight him, but once you realize you need to play differently, and you need to focus Laz, you’ll do great. I love fighting Laz.


As a Monster, I would not mind Laz’s healing burst getting a sizable buff, even if they kept his current ability of reviving with no strikes. That isn’t really what bothers me. I tend to focus Laz the moment I see him getting picked, but I’ve encountered teams that are extremely good at protecting him. I find teams like Jack + Cabot/Hank + Parnell are able to severely hamper my ability to focus him without it becoming a major risk.


I contest the notion that laz is the weakest. I actually find laz pretty darn powerful.

Laz is easy to counter, “in theory”- But against a coordinated team- Nothing is ever as easily done as it is said. Running laz is ALL about doing enough damage in the time it takes to get someone down, that the monster cant stay to prevent the pick up in the first place. With comps focusing around either kala or cabot- This can be a rather tricky feat to accomplish.


You put it very well. I’ve found the high level teams I’ve played use Laz mostly as a method of drawing monsters out for damage dealing. The very threat of his revivification makes you want to focus him, but this allows skilled teams to protect him while fighting the monster. So focusing him isn’t always the best solution. Pubs are easy enough to defeat because they mostly use him ineffectively and let him die easily, but against teams that are skilled at keeping one another alive, it’s difficult to find a good method of attack. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that he can revive them even after being half eaten.

Edit: Also, people telling me Laz is an easy dome escape doesn’t help me whatsoever at Stage 3. I’m aware his limited healing makes it easy to get away from the hunters, but getting away from them is the exact opposite of what I need to do at that point.


Lazarus is arguably the weakest medic. The last thing he needs is another nerf.

If you’re struggling against Laz, you should rethink your strategy when facing Laz comps.


Id readily argue emet is the weakest overall medic, personally.

Laz is high risk high reward- And I will argue any day of the week, very viable against anything but the highest tier kraken players with the right comps. Any even then, the team should be giving kraken a run for its money.


Aight I’m just gonna repeat myself.

Laz is obsolete garbage against good monsters.


So now you’re on to making Laz nerf posts…

People still have the mindset that Laz is still balanced, in which, he’s not. He’s the weakest because he can’t sustain himself outside of his cloak.

Even with his cloak, most monsters counter him. Behemoth, Goliath, and MG all can light a Hunter on fire, giving away a cloak. Gorgon can use her web ability to also reveal hunters, so Laz is low on the medic hierarchy.

As to the OP, evolve is proven to not be realistic. It makes no sense why a dead Hunter can come back alive. So if you want to add realism, a dead Hunter is still a dead Hunter and there is no reason for his device to not work. It is said that the glove uses some of Laz’s cells to ‘jumpstart’ the brains of hunters, and limb/body regeneration could be a side effect.

As many people have said, Laz by far, is not strong. You just need to rethink your tactics and strategies.


Yep, with you 100%. Emet is weak sauce and needs these incoming buffs

Laz isn’t weak, he’s unreliable. A bad first engagement basically telegraphs the rest of the game for the losing side. If Laz takes that strike or the monster prevents Laz from getting a revive, then the monster is in the driving seat (assuming it hasn’t taken too much damage), if the reverse is true then the hunters are hard pressed to lose.


While you aren’t wrong, he very much is viable when I play him. Since I’ve been playing medic and support the most since launch, I know the most successful strategies. I have the most success with Jump Boost since I can get into ledges without using jet pack, hop over most monsters (not behemoth). But he has overall bad self-healing since his HB is weak without a buoy, thus he is getting it buffed.

However he is more powerful than Laz. Laz has a high target on his back, and just because he has his cloak, does not mean he is safe from focus. Emet can at least heal, even if he does not use his HB, and his beacon can help save a team from a relay win. His beacon is basically Laz’s device but is not dependent on it like how Laz is. It can also save a 20 second drop sequence on top of the 30 seconds it takes to deploy.

But Emet is a better Laz.


I disagree, but that’s life.


But Laz and Kraken are both too hard of counters for eachother. Laz has a 1/7th chance of playing against a kraken, at random. But if monsters like behemoth are loved and are played a lot, chances go down to 1/3.

On the monster side of things, he has a 1/7 chance of getting a Laz, but Laz depends on support and trapper, meaning Laz won’t be Laz unless the team is confident. If it’s in pub, the confidence goes down, whereas in the big league support can keep him cloaked.

You already knew all this, but my point is Laz has a cloak and a cloak has a weekness of Fire, and 3 monsters use fire, with Gorgon using web to show cloaked hunters location. Laz is great with teams who use coordination and mics, but that 3rd factor of monster ability and skill come into play. With more than half of monsters being able to detect a cloak easily, Laz isn’t as viable as per say, and as @niaccurshi said, he’s unreliable whereas Emet is a jack-of-all trades.


I will say that I do have a sour taste for Laz because of his reputation. I’ve dropped 2leagues in Ranked due to Laz fanboys, when I have a 50-50 WLR.

People who play him jump to the conclusion that just because he can bring back people from the dead, he is the best medic, and they don’t see any disclaimers on him.

There are times I do play as him, but my points still stand on him, and I do play on pub. While he has the extreme benefits of instant res, Emet can last longer, improve a relay fight win chances, whereas Laz is hopeless if the team is getting strikes because Laz can’t res when monster is camping.



But id like to add (and take it with a grain of salt of course) me and my buddies love using a Laz comp against monsters like Deanimate (Probably the single most competitive Goliath player in the game)- And win our fair share of games against him (In ranked as well as/usually in customs)

If we can make laz work against the single most competitive goliath player on PC- Thats viable in my books.

BUT I have to concede just like niaccurshi, Laz definitely dictates the game. We know if well win or lose, well before weve won or lost id say about 3 out of 4 times.


Hopefully him being the worst medic changes in the next patch! I just have a gut feeling since they are putting the ground indicator for buoys range and since the monster might be able to see it, it might take away his sneaky healing which was the only good thing about him.


I get that it can be done, I’ve done it too, but that’s because your using mics and/or have a natural synergy for your buddies to keep Laz cloak/protected at all times. You guys use coordination, and without that, Laz simply dies and fails.

And I can use Emet successfully too. But just because it can be done, does not mean it’s balanced. You said you think Emet is the weakest, while I say Laz is. It’s simply opinions based around experiences. You might be more team-friend based and so Laz works with you, but I’m on pub most of the time because most my steam friends left the game. But I’m willing to move past these no-so different opinions.


You guys use coordination, and without that, Laz simply dies and fails.

I think regardless of who you’re using, if you aren’t coordinating, your team will fail and die. That’s exactly how the game should be set up. That’s who my post is directed towards: Coordinated teams. Pub play is easy enough to win on regardless of the hunter team’s makeup.