Laz reviving while eating body


Im not actually sure this is a bug, but it really doesn’t sound like it is (or should be) intended behavior. Anyways, it seems that Laz can revive a hunter while the monster is in the middle of eating the body. I can’t say exactly if it matters which started first, the eating or reviving, but i know that both can happen at the same time. And because Laz’s rev is almost instant, he will almost always win that race.


Not a bug, been around forever. Since Alpha.


And it doesn’t seem to be something they plan on changing huh? Oh well, never mind me then. You can close thread. Sorry.


Well I don’t know for sure- nobody but the devs do- but it’s been brought up before and they seemed rather noncommittal. It’s just a sneaky Laz tactic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it’s more or less a tactical thing. Laz has a lot of cons, a lot of ways Monsters can shut him down, so he can revive teammates until the moment they are fully consumed or until the timer runs out after they die (or if they fall through the map, but they’re working on fixing that, or if they died in deep water, in which case you have to Jesus walk on the surface with your jetpack to revive).


They’re not gone until the monster finishes the second meat chunk, if a ballsy Laz can get in there more power to him.