Laz reviving through melee since 6.0


I’m not sure if this is due to the ‘prioritized targets’ aiming changes, but I played a game last night where a pretty bad Laz kept running in and reviving people right in front of me through my melee attacks. Here’s one capture of it:

He did this 3 times right in front of my eyes.

Anyone else notice anything or am I missing something?


Yeah this happened to me with Gorgon yesterday too. It’s so incredibly annoying.


as laz ive done that to mutiple different monster sine launch and even now. grant it i didnt watch the clip but ive gotten some lucky rez’s off but basically you have to down multiple hunter or just down laz to make any real dents in their team


I know exactly what this is. You attacked the incap and since the initial melee on incap hunters is a little longer then a normal light melee as is the recovery. After the initial melee hit on incap you recover a little slower. Was designed this way I’d imagine.


This was one case. He did this 3 times, even without cloak. How am I missing him point black?


It’s possible but incredibly risky for Laz. Most Laz players who attempt this get killed and lose the game for their team. Occasionally they get lucky. Also, it’s easier to do against a Behemoth.


You don’t need cloak. Probably because too he was in your reticule as well as the incap hunter. Which then it might have prioritized the incap over laz.

And I’ve said this before, as long as the bar is full for the rez laz gets the rez regardless. He wins if the bar becomes full. As it should be.


I might be overreacting. I’ve seen this done before this patch, and I’ve done it myself.

The fact that he did it 3 times back to back I thought there might be something fishy.


Good timing is all I can say I guess.


“Good timing” shouldn’t be a thing.

If the monster is sitting on the body, pounding it to death (while taking a ton of damage from the hunter team), Laz shouldn’t be able to just waltz in and rez.


Just wailing on the body isn’t a 100% gaurentee rez denial. There’s times when you can attack and times when you cannot attack.


Oh dang, that heavy attack delay OP. Try to punch Laz away from the body instead of into the wall, I guess this is the only way to stop him from doing this. Force him out of range!

I feel you though, man. This hurts.


Lazarus has always been able to do this.


Like Zodiac said it may be best to smack Lazarus instead


I said “away,” he was smacking Lazarus plenty if you listened to his delightful little sounds.


This is just byproduct of his OP ness. We’ll see this go away when he gets the nerfs he deserves


Yeah that’s what i meant


The device is ready!


WOW, I never noticed that (._. )


“Just wailing on a body” should be a 100% denial, given how much damage they’re going to take from it.
I’m not saying smacking a body until they decay is a good idea, but if a monster is hitting the body, rezzes should not be possible