Laz revives in water


Why can’t Laz revive in water?
Of course, I understand why, I’m more asking why he hasn’t already been buffed in that way. Coupled with how embarrassingly bad he performs against a monster that has at least 5 femtoseconds of experience under their belt, not being able to rez in water is an infuriating hinderance.


You can revive if you jet pack hover over the body, easier said than done.


You can in some instances… but you need to hover with your jetpack just above swimming level.


Then don’t engage in water…?
Please stop lobbying to remove all positional awareness from our game.


I must say I have never tried doing so myself but reviving whilst hovering seems like a ludicrous task during a fight.
I was also under the impression that most bodies are not revivable if they are underwater. (Dead, not down)


Have you ever tried to convince a pub teammate to do something?
I’m not engaging in water, I’m trying to support my ignorant team in water. I can’t see this affecting high level play much as Laz never sees it anyway because of how easily he is countered.


It’s very, very, very difficult, it takes a lot of time and luck, and quite frankly I’d rather just let them take a strike than waste time trying. -_-


Laz’s that manage to revive me in water are heroes in my book.


I played with one once. Revived me on Aviary, in the central pool. What a glorious son of a gun.


When i play Laz, dreams come true…