Laz revives between melees


Hello all. Randomly lurking in the forums again. Iv been playing a little more recently for some reason.

Anyways iv been enjoying My burst gorgonite style but came across what i hope us just my fault. After downing a body. On the third or fourth strike( heavy i believe) laz got multiple revives either before or after it landed. Is this intended? I never had an issue with goliath but i think u cud do it vs krakens heavy. Maybe its meant to be a tradeoff since laz will be at 40-60%?

It lossed me the game tho lol.


I think that on balance this is something that may not matter in the near future since Laz is getting reworked along with the underlying meta of the game.


What is this majicks…must read!


Mind if we lock this up now?


Nope go ahead.