Laz revive and cloak needs some gameplay tweaking bad!


The revive is so overpowered it’s crazy. I just completed a full round of pvp evac and lost 1 to 4 because of Laz. His revive allows players to instantly revive after being knocked out and his cloak recharges at a rate that is extremely fast. He’s basically invisible for the duration of the match.

The only advantage the monster player has in a fight is to thin out the team to gain the advantage. I ended the last evac match with 11 hunter kills and lost the match 1 to 4. I knocked out the majority of the team multiple times only to have them revive after I left to go after another target. Something needs to be done here in a major way.

  1. The revive ability should only instantly revive players that have been downed, but not knocked out. The intended function of this ability should be to remove the time it takes to hold the button and revive someone. It shouldn’t be bringing someone that is essentially waiting for respawn in the dropship back from the dead instantly.

  2. The cloak ability effect that the hunter player can visually see needs to be visual to the monster player, or during combat the monster should be able to use the sense ping and highlight cloaked players.


No it doesn’t good monsters can already shut down a lazarus player and at that point he becomes useless.


Look up lazarus on the Internet that IS his purpose


Disagree completely! You can’t track him cause he’s invisible, unless you miraculously catch him on fire and then you can track the fire effect for a very brief sec. With an organized squad it’s impossible to beat a squad with Laz. The support guy shields laz the whole time so you go after the support guy. You down him knock him out completely and then go after laz because he’s not shielded anymore. You go after laz and he goes invisible just long enough to revive the guy you knocked out. There is no way to gain the advantage as the monster against an organized team with Laz period.

And Let’s not forget this whole time the assault guy is just pelting you.


Lazarus is fine in his current state imo. His revive gives the hunters a very good way to stay in the game and turn the tide. Also Lazarus lacks a reliable constant heal for his team like the other medics that balances him out. You just have to change your play style when you face him as the monster. If you don’t get rid of the Lazarus in a fight all your kills mean nothing.


Watch the corpses. If you take out the support hes going to try to go for the rez and at that point he becomes visible. If the support is shielding him use charge rock throw or leap smash to knock laz out of sight of the support. If he goes invisible use your flame breath. It lasts a good long while and has a huge aoe.


Basically what everyone else just said.


You can track his footprints with smell. You also know where he’s going (that one hunter you killed? That’s where he’ll be. Camp it with fire).

As for the support, just mash his shield away and it needs to recharge. A good support will shield anyone you attack so that’s no real “nerf lazarus” statement.

Just focus Laz down, camp his body and goodbye revives! A full shield should be plenty to do this while the assault is harassing you.


Lazarus is, if anything, underpowered when the monster knows what it’s doing. 1) Take out lazarus (no lazarus problem then!) 2) Take out assault and freely camp the body until it dies and then eat it, because no amount of trying to bait you is going to be damaging enough for you to really move. Edit: 3) Realise you’re in no state to fight, down the trapper because it’s easier when no healer is on the team, and just get out of dodge.

Honestly, right now I feel that the dynamics of the revivifier need to be looked at. If Lazarus is to be as comparable to use as caira or val then hunters need as much chance to be strike free and close to full health with Laz involved after the same duration as val or caira would be involved to get the same effect. Right now there is no need to do anything as a monster but focus hard, beat the incapped body until death, then eat. Laz might as well be sitting in a beach chair sipping rum and cokes for all the worth he has if there is not an opportunity for him to do his thing.


Then his purpose needs adjustment. There is no way to gain the advantage against a squad with laz. The only “play” with Laz able to instantly revive players is to take him out first, but when playing an organized squad it’s impossible to gain the advantage. You can’t target anyone else because he’ll just revive them. You target the support that’s protecting him to create an opening and then he just revives them when turn around to target Laz. Then the whole time the assault guy is just leveling you.

His intended purpose should be to instantly revive downed players that are bleeding out. If you are completely knocked out and dead you should have to wait for the respawn. Currently reviving a down player takes a few seconds to hold the button and interact to revive them. His revive should eliminate that time needed to revive them not bring them back instantly from the dead. It negates any work the monster did.


Cycle of Evolve:
-Laz OP
-Starts to focus Laz until close to kill
-Griffin harpoons monster
-Laz gets away
-Griffin OP

I love this game


Lazarus in easy to take out fire breath keeps him visible long enough for you to smack him around and down him.


No he doesnt. A wary monster will be aware of his presence in the field and will camp bodies to co7nter him.


Well yeah, that’s one of the main errors monsters make: not focusing down a single target. I find myself making the same mistake quite often as well


I do focus on him, I do camp the bodies, smashes, rocks, fire, etc… he still manages to revive the guys right under me and get away cloaked every time.


Time to train your monster muscles.

Goliath never skips leg day


Laz is an easy kill since he has no sustainable heals for his party, so every time they get downed they lose hp. Also targeting the medics and eating downed players helps.

Also when he goes invis you can still see their jet packs and a slight blur.


Lazarus really punishes bad Monster players but he’s pretty poor against any average or better.

You don’t even need to focus Lazarus to destroy his team because he has no sustainable heals. Just keep track of him and spam attacks over corpses until you get the chance to eat them.

Monster melee attacks have a lock-on which even homes in on cloaked Hunters.


Who cares about heals? he’s reviving players that are DEAD!!! It might as well be 100 vs 1.


it matters when most monsters camp bodies and wont let laz get people up