Laz Ressing while being hit

Been playing Evolve for the better part of the day and witnessed multiple times Laz rezing teammates while being hit/curb stomped/burned, etc. I saw it both as monster and hunter. It’s infuriating when you’re the monster. And now I feel like I can’t pick Laz for the time being because I feel it’d be a cheap/unfair advantage. And he’s one of my favorites.

Any body else see this happen?

Gonna put this in bugs.
Also I believe the devs know of this and are working to solve the issue.

Laz can get his revive inbetween nearly every monsters 3rd autoattack. You have to time it nearly perfect and eat a heavy + 2 lights, but you can get it consistently. DoT damage also doesn’t stop Laz from reviving it has to be a knockback based ability.

This happens as light attacks don’t push you back far, and if you’re able to start up your revivifier shortly after getting hit by a light attack you’ll have a big enough window to land the rez. If you’re rezzing and a light attack hits you mid rez it’ll take too long to land the rez inbetween hits. The counterplay to this is moving forward as the monster while hitting Laz with light autoattacks. This’ll push him away from the body, and out of range unable to get the 3rd autoattack rez.

Problem is that there is usually a window between Monster attacks that Lazarus can get a rez in, however its risky as most of Laz’s health will go with it. Its possible but highly ill-advised as Lazarus is meant to be patient and wait for the Monster to leave the body and then drop in for the rez. Not leap in head-first and then die trying or lose most of his health to pull off a rez.

This isn’t a bug, I’m pretty sure…This is an aspect of gameplay. Is it fair? No. But it’s not a bug, if I recall correctly.

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Well at least I’m not the only one. Even if it’s not a bug, it’s still lame.

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