Laz+Reload Speed= Revives and Cloaks and Bursts, Oh My!


Reload Speed perk on Laz is insane. I tried it out yesterday, and it took around 10 seconds for the Healing Burst to recharge. I was cloaking and revivifying left and right. Will this be nerfed? Because this can easily be an huge annoyance to the Monster.


Yeah monsters don’t really like laz
Especially a silver destroyer one


Reload speed perk doesn’t speed up his heal bursts, though the buff for class ability cooldowns does. He naturally healbursts every 12 seconds I think it is.

However yeah, reload speed for his cloak and revivify is super useful.


Laz is obsolete garbage against good monsters.


Reload Speed only affects the Sniper Rifle, Revivifier and Cloak.
Not Heal Burst.

Reload Speed is certainly a good perk for Laz, though I would still argue that the more general picks like Jetpack Recharge and Health Regen work really well with Laz too.

I myself prefer Jetpack Recharge, assuming I have the kind of Support teammate that will at least lend me their cloak once in a while.

Also, @Torvald_Stavig pretty much sums up why not a single perk combination that involves Laz should be nerfed.


I prefer using MS. Makes it a lot harder for the Monster to catch me when I pop cloak. It also makes the circle tatic a lot easier to pull.


I was shocked at how fast the cloak and device were recharging.


I think any form of garbage would be obsolete in fighting a Monster…


I remember the times when the Lazarus Device would cool down faster and the Healburst was actually affected by the Reload perk and the corpse timer was 45 seconds. Laz was not even insane then.

Also I remember the times when every second body fell through the map, the healburst had only half the radius and people thought Hank was the mandatory support with Laz. Good ol’ times when I mained Cabot.



Have you tried Jump Boost? It’s super helpful for getting on ledges, bouncing over monster’s melees, and good for hiding footprints if your cloaked. I would not use it with Kala though.


Ah, those were the days. When Laz was actually viable and body camping wasn’t a thing. But then he was nerfed and now…


Laz is OK, not broken at all. Love going against him.


Sure its not so safe to play with Laz as its a bit with luck to play BUT he isnt broken in any way. You can pretty much frustrate a Monster very well with a Laz, if the team knows how to drag out games well even good monsters cant do much against(yea they will still win …but not fast nor easy).


Not exactly related to reload speed but,
I played Laz once and was the pure reason why we won, not by reviving team mates, but in fact the exact opposite. The monster camped everybody he downed and as a result took a shit ton of damage. By the time we got to the relay fight he had such little hp that we got the win. If I were playing anyone else, I’m sure he would’ve left the bodies and attacked us downing us and leaving him mostly unharmed


I’m sorry, just emphasising how shitty Laz is.