Laz Might Be Broken

If you ask me that revive should not be able to happen.

This is on PS4.


I agree, you were attacking the area, laz should not get any revives that way.


Yeah, I hate when he revives between melees and you clearly hit him.

Followed by Vortex too. It amazes me honestly how much this happens too. Makes Laz feel OP.

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You missed your Vortex or it didn’t register as a hit. If it would have bopped him, the revive would have been cancelled.

That’s the point… I landed it you can clearly see it hit.

Might have been lag, I know that I’ve been knocked back by Kraken multiple times whilst going in for the rez.

That’s definitely a hitbox issue then because there was either no damage done by it or the damage was less than that of a regular melee which is… weird for Vortex.

100% skill, pretty hard to do that with a kraken…


Watch it as much as you have to but the Vortex lands and all the damage is there. It even hits the revived Trapper.

And I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic with me >.> lol

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I had to recheck it. Watching it on my iPod so the top part is mostly hidden. That’s weird. That definitely shouldn’t happen with a Vortex or regular melee. I’ve been knocked off rez’s before with both so it must be a bug.

Glad you see it now lol you were making me doubt myself.

  1. The Vortex dealt no damage to either of them so in the second you were locked by the animation, he managed to rez trapper. Not broken, not a glitch, completely skill and timing.

  2. Who cares? You got the down on Lazarus anyway and that’s what you should be aiming for. Easy win after that.

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Laz is just misunderstood…

I guarantee you the Vortex landed on both Laz and Trapper watch the video back as much as you have to. And between the melee and Vortex should not be enough time for the revive.

In this scenario it worked out but in another scenario that could potentially cost me a game.

Isn’t the lazarus device only interrupted when pushed away from the body and not by simple damage? If so, he was backed against the wall that you were pushing him in to, so he wasn’t moving anywhere, and Vortex did hit them AFTER the revive occurred - could be LAG. I would like to get more info on that too…
@MaddCow i summon you :]

There are lots of autoattacks that take longer than the ress. Unfortunate but true.

Imo auto attacks should be fixed on all of the monsters

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Possibly lag or a registration bug. I know, for a fact, that a Kraken can keep Laz off bodies from range by spamming those melees. So most likely lag/registration bug or something. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m also heavily against Kraken being unable to bodycamp from range so this makes me happy to see…>.>