Laz is the worst


Honestly, can we open a thread about how much of a freaking fun killer Laz is? He literally ruins the game. Right now I’m just so annoyed and angry, I have to write this. The fact that you don’t have a choice, you are required to go after him in any game he is in sucks out any amount of fun you could possibly have. If you don’t go after him, you might as well as sit there and let yourself be killed because any amount of work you put into downing hunters is gone and wasted. I love nothing more than playing 20-25 minute game and feel like it was such a waste of time because of Laz. It’s just straight up ridiculous. And of course, every single game I get, they have to pick Laz. Why even have other medics? I dunno, I just need to talk about it and know that other people feel like I do. That’ll help me feel validated lol


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Rant thread?

Besides that, the devs have said multiple tumes they are trying to rework Laz to be less toxic. There are changes coming in TU09 that do this.


So… I am going to vote that this stays open and here for reasons. The reasons being that the devs know, @Drewdog454, that this is how some people feel about Laz. And that is one of the primary reasons that he’s the one medic that is getting a pretty hefty rework in the next Title Update coming this summer.

In short, his device is going to take a bit longer to use with a longer cooldown to help stop him spamming it all over the place, and in return his heal burst is going to be a bit more effective.

All hunters in the next title update are going to get some passive health regen, but this is balanced with other changes that’ll help the monster survive and thrive at all stages. In case you haven’t heard traversals are being standardised, hunter roaching is being dealt with, and you now get 4 ability points at stage 1, 3 at stage 2 and 2 at stage 3.

This is where the big Laz change comes in… his device will heal the strike off of someone you’ve downed, but not off of someone you’ve killed. Laz can still bring a dead hunter back to life, but they’ll keep the strike. As a result, strikes on hunters will be a bit less harsh on the hunters… but this is because they’ll more reliably be taking strikes off of monsters in general!

This is what we know so far, and the devs are totally on board with stopping the frustration that players have fighting Laz, but also I think playing Laz as well. We’re in for some exciting times :slight_smile:


I’ll keep an eye out just incase this turns sour…


Laz’s toxicity is a known issue that the balance team has worked hard to find the sweet spot for. They’re removing some, if not all of his toxicity and still keeping him viable in the next title update.

Although laz is toxic, he’s fairly easy to counter and is only as good as his team is at coordinating. With laz’s toxicity being removed in the next title update I don’t see much point in discussing what he is now.


But yes, let’s keep all posts constructive and friendly. :slight_smile:


Laz is garbage and can be easily countered with the correct strategies ^.^


However, for those monsters that are going up against co-ordinated hunters that are, yes…probably… slightly higher in skill than the monster when playing a Laz comp… the reality is undeniable. I totally understand where monsters come from on Laz at these particular points in their life… you can do the sort of damage in burst that would see any other team be crippled and die, but against the Laz team you have to over-commit, or resign yourself to a stage 3 fight that may not be around a relay that is particularly friendly to you taking on hunters with no strikes.

It’s amazing how much a competent (not necessarily good, just competent) Laz team can bump the overall potential of a hunter team up against a fair number of monster players, and I think (hope) that is no small part of the reason he’s getting the changes he is.


The thing with Laz is that he relies heavily on his Team’s ability to protect him.
The slightest mistake, he gets a strike and the Team will start falling apart.
You’ll be forced to over-commit very often, so don’t be afraid to sacrifice some of those health bars to get him down.
Go for the kill if you can afford it (aka if your health allows you to), re-armor and put strikes on the remaining hunters.
With Laz having one or two strikes, you pretty much won the game.

Though I have to admit he can be super frustrating sometimes when fighting against good teams.


Lazarus isnt so bad He has so much weakness against so many Monsters ( Meteor-Goliath, Gorgon, Behemoth ) and is easy to counter

He is great against new Players or normal Monsters but against high-skilled Monsters its better u choose a other Medic or u have a very good coordinated Team

Sure a good Lazarus can be annoying but is still easy to counter whit the right Monster ( Lazarus is pretty good against Wraith and Kraken because they cant reveal cloaked Hunters )

But anyways Lazarus is still my fav. Medic and cant wait for his adaptation and changes :stuck_out_tongue:


So just focus the assault and problem solved right?

Picture it, an Assault with no way to really heal.

So you focus them, they pop shield, u wait a few seconds and its gone, smash them with everything you got and get an easy down right?

Now sit on the body and spam melee/knockback attacks.

You can now eat any damage coming your way even with Cabot long enough to see that body is rotten and forgotten.

Then if you must go eat really quick and come finish off the remaining mostly helpless hunters.

The only issue I see is if you have a good Hank making that first Assault down a lot harder.

I think the main problem is people mistakenly always want to down Laz first, but I realise the best bait to catch a Laz is a dead other player, and making that be the assault makes baby sitting the dead body so much less stressful.

But I guess if you can just get some quick downs on Laz and build up strikes all the better, but i usually just kill who-ever first and wait for the pitty patter of little foot steps, then destroy the creator!


Pray that you picked Meaty. Laz fails against him. And I love it when Laz players don’t use the device when I’m Monster.


I understand what everyone is saying. He really is a hunter who is useless without a good team. That point is easier to understand when you’ve been the Laz on the terrible team lol. I think one of the things that people find annoying about him is that he has a habit of dragging on games. If it’s an evenly matched game, then it’s kinda cool. But when the hunters are constantly on your tail and you keep having to down one and run, and when that team is kinda wrecking you, having that Laz just makes it that much worse! Instead of being able to wear them down, really all you’re doing is extending your torture lmao. Maybe I’m just really unlucky because every team I get put up against is super MLGers! It’s insane


It’s not that hard to counter laz really. I’ll keep saying it cuz I’m a monster player who has never once had trouble with him. Every monster has a way to reveal and beat him in all situations. The main thing is to keep track of positioning. You don’t need to focus him first, as he will reveal himself eventually when you down another Hunter. Keep tabs on him and use smell continuously so tou know when he cloaks. That’s then you throw all your abilities at the downed player. Laz relies on opportunity, so the idea is to never give him one. Even if he gets the Rez off, if you played it correctly, he will be visible and vulnerable. Alternatively, you will have done enough damage to him while we was trying to res that he can be killed more easily. Also look for healing bursts. He will use it whenever it’s up because he lacks any other healing. Keep in mind that after he uses the glove, it as a substantial cool down so try to get someone else down if you can. Also, the rezzed player will have roughly 80% of there total hp, so you can get him back down almost as soon as they’re back up.

Hope that helps sorry for wall of text


I have def been there trust me. But I always felt the team was above my pay grade to begin with, as in if i’m losing all my armor and most of my health getting that one down that Laz reverses, I probably wasn’t going to win anyways.

If the matches where they seemed about my skill level I have to trade some health to get a strike on two players(one of them being Laz, as i bait him with another, assault when i can), but thats a fair trade IMO.

  • FT3
  • Get everyone to 20% health if they have no health regen
  • if you can take down the trapper without taking health damage, do it to get to stage 3


If there is a Laz in the Team it should be GG for you.
In his current state there is nothing to complain about him from the point of view as the monster.

Its ages ago that I lost against a Laz as Monster.


Different people are at different levels, and face different levels of hunters too. Let’s respect that.


Trust me we all know the pain but the truth is knowing how to deal with Laz and it is very satisfying to beat him. He is a big risk reward medic because he goes down the team has no chance. Even so you will pleased to here him getting a rework of some sorts or at least for his upcoming variant.

There is talk of the body dies he can still revive it but they will come back with a strike. This will however mean he will have a more powerful heal output.

Until then however the best way I have found dealing with him is making sure you have the armour and health saved to guard bodys. In other words making sure you get to stage 3 securely with as much health and armour as possible, target and get support down and guard that while avoiding damage to lore him out. If he takes the bait punish him hard for it.

If he doesn’t take the bait then knowing roughly how long a body takes to decay is wise so you can secure that strike. You just have to be very alert other wise a good Laz player will walk all over you.


Laz is not fun from a hunter standpoint either. When I was in silver skilled in ranked, every medic would be Laz. They acted like bringing hunters back to life was the best thing since condoms. I dropped 2 leagues yet have a 50-50 WLR. He is the reason why I quit ranked. Too many new players look at him and their pants fly off.

From a monster standpoint, it’s his exploits that make his annoying. For example, he can wait outside a dome so he can’t get touched, meanwhile somebody goes down, and you don’t hear Laz say “cloaking”.

There is a way to play Laz where he does not speak and give away what he is doing.

I hate any Laz fanboys, because they don’t comprehend how he works. But I don’t blame them, since there is no disclaimers on him. There is no tip saying "fire and other dot will show through his cloak, as well as his jetpack can still be seen.

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