Laz is being Rendered Usless


I’m noticing more and more that bodies are falling through the map when I play as him, his core ability that comes at the cost of healing has reduced him to a level beneath that of an EbonStar soldier.


It is a massive issue that’s stuck around since day one.
If it will be fixed, I doubt it will be anytime soon as its already been months without so much as mere acknowledgement.
fu**ing annoying as Laz is my top medic and I’m tired of randoms going ape over something that is beyond my control.


He’s my favorite medic, the ONLY thing that puts me off from me is this annoying glitch :confused:


I haven’t had this happen in a LONG time.


If this happens to you a lot please start recording your games and submit the videos to the devs in this forum so you may help them find the cause and solution of this problem quicker :smile:


Lucky bastard…

This issue is a PLAGUE, happens almost every other game, and if they fon’t fall through the map they get flung either to the other end of the map or really far from you.

Had our assualt get flung outside the dome and I BARELY made it to him before the rez time disappeared.


You know what the worst feeling is? When a hunter gets downed outside the dome, and you’re fighting a monster at S1 inside, and your medic is Laz, and your trapper has to decide whether to drop it to save your Support/Assault or keep fighting and hope they’re still alive after the dome goes down.

That’s a horrible and stressful decision.


This situation was wrose, our trapper was IGNORING my cries to take down the dome as the assualt began yelling at me to rez him (even though I’m CLEARLY telling him his body got launched…)

I’m not kidding when I said I had 0 seconds to spare to save him body.

I’ve only had a couple instances of that happening, one was during rescue, a survivor got bit by a megamouth a few inches away from dome (the Kraken had soooo little health too…) trapper refused to take down dome so you can imagine what happened…

Another time our medic pinned by something that I can’t remember and our trapper begrudgingly took down dome.

It sucks when it happens but hey, yo do what you gotta do.


I’ve had a few games where it happened EVERY time a hunter went down, body would disappear or be 1000m away. Monster didn’t eat. It’s a big problem playing Laz on PS4.


It’s too risky to play with him at his current state, I feel as though the bug got more nasty after T4 update. It’s like playing without a medic now…


yeah man, I feel ya. As a Trapper, you have to know when you need to take the dome down and you have to be able to make tough decisions like that. It’s sort of difficult to determine whether or not you should drop a dome for an outer incapped hunter. It really all depends on how much health/armor the monster has, what stage it is, and what abilities it has.


I had a game a few days ago where I couldn’t rez a single person. 1 body fell through the ground, all the others would appear 150 to 300 meters away upon death.


Laz is my fav medic. I’m on xbone and I have not seen the bodies fall through the map since the last patch; I hope it never happens again…lol