Laz is back! Sunny's jet boost + Laz = fun


I’ve always loved Lazarus but never felt that he stood any real chance without some kind of tweak. My friends and I just found the tweak in the form of Sunny. Now, if properly coordinated, I can get boosted in and out, ensuring that my team stays relatively healed and that I have an exit once I have rezzed fallen team mates. It’s an extremely satisfying hunter combo and it adds a really cool tactical element.

Stoked to play Laz without feeling completely vulnerable constantly, I love how this new tier is breathing life into other characters, while providing interesting new hunter combinations.

Although Sunny’s boost might be a little on the strong side I really hope it isn’t nerfed too much, thereby rendering Laz slightly obselete once again.


THAT is a really good point… HMMMMMM


Tagging @Alex_Versnel. This, we need to try…sounds like a very viable tactic.


It really is - been playing for a few hours with a friend who plays Sunny and I’m chaining a lot of succesful rezzes, only been killed once or twice. I’ve even had rounds in which I didn’t needed to rez at all - the team was so good and I was able to boost in and out of combat to deploy the healing field mid-combat.


After a redonculously big winning streak with Wraith I’ve had my downfall today against this even though it was by about 1 second… LSCT It’s just horrendous to fight against as Wraith since Laz can stay so bloody far away and ress people in a freakin small timeframe you will hardly be able to keep up with him if at all. I’m pretty sure the map I played against this setup was a huge factor as well with all the narrow pipes the Hunters can dance around. Oh how I despise Orbital Drill as Monster…


That’s cool! Thanks for sharing. :smiley: Love that Jetpack booster.


I tried this a bunch of times. It’s insane. There is very little the Monster can do.


Looks like I need to make some Evolve friends, because coordinating this with randoms that don’t have mics is going to be impossible xD


Laz is by my favorite medic while Slim coming in second. Can’t wait to try this with my friend who mains support.


I will have to do this with one of my friends later. Sounds fun, since I like to play Sunny. ^.^


I love this booster too. I use it more often than micronuke cause I think it’s more useful. Sadly some players don’t dodge while I’m boosting them instead they are foolishly taking damage :frowning:


Me and my friend were planning on using this exact strategy today :smiley: Nice to see other people coming up with similar plans ^^

And I agree, love the way how new combo’s are forming. For example caira, sunny and maggie. Super fast stage1 domes-> use daisy for the general direct, caira to boost the team, and sunny to slingshot the trapper to the monster for a certain dome :smile:


Laz is the medic I hate fighting against the most despite all the slim and caira OP threads, looks like he’ll be more popular :wink:


DAMN IT! Don’t give away our secret! :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you for a fresh, original, wonderfully creative gaming experience in a sea of forgettable rehashes. Seriously great work.


Agreed, so addicted to this game because it’s such an original and unique gaming experience. I always pitty the fools that dish this game for bullshit reasons. Ignorant f*cktwats, have fun with cod32445.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as happy as I am that there is a strong combo link for Laz, the fact he needs such specific utilities to be able to do his job is a real shame. Aside from hunters staying in line of sight/range medics need very little co-ordination from the rest of their team to be able to heal (outside of the usual and default protection if getting focused). I’m not sure why Laz has to be so different in this regard.

Also: Can’t wait for the people that are casual players who will inevitably be complaining (rightfully to some degree) that they already had a tough time with Laz and now with jetpack boost it’s near impossible to defeat a Laz team :confused:


I personally love his ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’ feel and I really like him playing so different compared to the other medics. Personally I think his cloak should be toggable or something to give him a slightly better chance when Sunny’s not around.

I just really hope they don’t nerf Sunny’s jetpack booster too much. A longer cooldown is perhaps warranted, possibly even a little bit less ‘fuel’, just don’t make it obselete.

The only time I’ve seen people criticize Laz has been at the early levels, which is fine considering you’re supposed to have a hard time in the beginning. Nobody at level 40 seems to have any real problem with him - sometimes even my team gives me sh/t for picking him.


The issue with Laz is that he’s too powerful against lower skilled monsters, and basically doesn’t have a chance outside of perhaps a few choice tactical plays (which rely on specific team comps) against higher skilled monsters. There are a few Laz threads on the forum here you might be interested in, the conundrum is how to make him more reliable and viable in a competitive sense (at higher levels) while not creating a platform for him to be even more dominating against less experienced monsters.


Yes, against players who haven’t learned the ropes yet, sure he’s powerful - much like Kraken is against lower skilled hunters. That does not mean that Laz is too powerful, it just means that people haven’t gotten to know him yet.

I agree, which is why I’m stoked that Sunny has arrived. Some hunters shine brighter with a certain combination of fellow hunters, that’s alright with me. And you’re right he’s difficult to tune. Laz needs something very minor to be viable without Sunny, perhaps a toggable cloak for instance.