Laz is able to revive when monster is chewing dead player


This is extremely stupid that he can revive player during monsters feed.


I understand this can be annoying, but imagine this from the other perspective, you’re currently using the Lazarus device and right before its fully charged the monster taps e and forces you to stop the revival. Lets say your other two team members are out of LoS and can’t shoot the monster, you couldn’t possible switch to the sniper in time to prevent the corpse from being eaten. Not to mention having a Lazarus on a team is usually a bad thing (the key word here is USUALLY).


I think when this happens the revived player should come back as a half-decomposed zombie, due to the conservation of matter and all.
But that’s just me trying to make sense of the craziness of Evolve’s logic. :wink:


yeah, i lost a game to that because i didnt know that… i was happily munching away and then my food stood up. what the hell.


Please stop making Laz complaint threads, you are on the wrong side of the argument if you feel anything about him is busted. He is the least played and weakest medic out of the four. How about you focus more on keeping him away from the corpse than attempting to quick eat the corpse.


The Lazarus device should rez the hunter in the Monster’s belly so they can shoot their way out!


What? Isn’t that a place for discussion? Stop telling people to stop discussing.

If something isn’t right about least played character it doesn’t mean that issue should be ignored.


yes, laz is useless and should get an overhaul… but this is just stupid and doesnt even make sense. it does not happen that often either…


There are plenty of threads already complaining about Lazarus. This perceived problem is not an actual issue that requires discussion. We are months into this game, if the devs felt this should not be the way Laz functions then it would have been hot fixed by now as could be taken as game breaking. It is not though, this is how the corpse system in this game functions, if the body is not consumed completely then it can be reanimated. This is common knowledge, it functions the same way with a monster partially eating a food source, Laz can come around and rez it later.

This is not an issue, this is how the game functions. Again, focus on keeping him off the corpse more than the quick denial if you are not sure you can pull it off. As it stands, this is working as intended.


According to your logic any issue is not an issue, it’s how the game functions. For example elite buffs. But, oops, devs are going to change them.

This “feature” doesn’t seem right.


You are using hyperbole to take what I said and give it less credit. It is not appreciated. I stated that a function of the game which is consistent in other instances is working correctly which is true. If you disagree with how the corpse/consume mechanics work and the devs agree with you then I will concede the point. However, as of right now a monster player should understand what going into a match against Lazarus means and they should posses the burden of knowledge of how he functions.


It’s a bonus for being Lazarus. ^.^
Pick feeding speed? ^.-


Wait why didn’t you kill laz first if he’s in game you murderise him first time everytime😎
Its ok though laz loves that shit the sadomasochist that he is lol


Because a Laz worth their salt won’t advertise their position to you any more than absolutely necessary (Normally that is) and it’s quite possible he may not even be present. Next best thing is to… ah… “convince” him to draw a bit closer by killing another Hunter. :wink:

Ofc, this is assuming the Laz is playing far-field and doing the usual Cloak-weaving w/ Support and all that jazz, but how often does that happen in pubs, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


In my PERSONAL OPINION I think he is awesome and hard to play against , he is the only medic that REVIVES; however hard this is for you to understand that is a pretty game changing ability. It only has to happen once and the tables are turned. It takes coordination just like Cabots amp. Your going down (not laz of course) the team has to pull the monsters attention and draw him away from the body (revive) repeat like shampoo. Also he can revive dead animals for an array of many applications. #LazRox


just because you use alot of scare’sly used words to denounce someones opinion doesnt mean your intelligent or correct. You sound really butt hurt (anus pain) relax (woosah) and pick Laz and get your team to play my Monster (wild ass Goliath) Rajiintunic@xboxlive.



The only way that las can revive someone while they are being eaten is if he starts charging the device before the monster starts eating. If he starts reviving after the monster has already started then the game wont allow him to even try it just makes laz sit there and do nothing unless the monster is shot

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Why don’t you stop being a greedy fatass and smack the laz before he can revive him huh?