Laz, impossible revives


So, simply put, revives such as these shouldn’t happen. I know I’ve defended them in the past but they aren’t cool. Just saw @Shin pull a fast one on @MidnightRoses which is fine, not blaming him but I’m just saying that stuff like this really shouldn’t be possible. Also yes, I know as Shin said that Roses stopped attacking for a second but he still shouldn’t have gotten that.



I actually typed “That was bullsh*t” in the chatbox before realizing I was monster. Then I died cuz I was sad. ;-;

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You can’t hear me because it’s shadowplay that recorded it but I was saying the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… I typically go for any small opening I see.
Sometimes gets me killed, sometimes I get it.

She stopped attacking, so I rushed the body. I do it to every monster. :confused:

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Look right before I charged in. She stopped attacking, then I rushed. I took the heavy, to get the body mid attack. You just have to time it right.


I didn’t stop attacking. I was mashing the attack button.


It’s a pause in the attack cycle, there are only so many attacks that can be performed per second.


Mhmm, and that’s when I go to revive.

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And that’s what people complain about- utterly bullcrap revives because you can only punch so fast. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… They’re trying to camp a body by spamming melee. I’m simply trying to counter the melee spam, and catch a break on the attack time.


In some cases all you CAN do is melee spam. The COUNTER to melee spam isn’t an unfair revive, it’s punishing the monster. Reviving when a monster is right on a corpse is unfair. Period.


Well in this case it’s either one side gets the win. There’s no inbetween. So I guess TRS gave the rex priority to laz. Probably as a counter measure since body camping was the best way to prevent a rez.

I mean it’s not a guarente you’ll get the rez…but at least you know when that bar fills you get the rez off. Whehter or not you think it’s worth it is up to you.


I agree 200%. Have had this happen so much lately. When you’ve been camping a body for thirty seconds, have taken heavy health damage, this kind of thing shouldn’t be possible. I think since stage 3 Monsters melee damage was nerfed, it would be reasonable to lower the attack damage of all stages again from 90 to maybe 75, but increase the speed, because right now Laz has to many openings.

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Those openings aren’t big as you think. Even if he gets the rez off he’s putting himself in danger and he can go down because of it. Which can also result in a loss even if he got the rez off.

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Except he won’t because shortly after that rez, Sunny boosts him away and Jack holds you back.

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That is true…it depends on the positioning.

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Please, by all means, let’s keep saying that Laz is fine as is.

Also, in 16 seconds the monster lost 4 full bars of health. Im surprised no one is commenting on that. That doesn’t seem fine to me…


Except the majority of the time it fails, and the monster gets a free kill on Lazarus.

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Lazarus is fine as is.

Well, not really. :confused: It works more often than not and with a Hank/Sunny it’s no down. But eh.

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Sunny have the same at solo relay fights. Her AA is just too slow.