Laz Glitch


Has anyone else noticed a glitch where if there is aLaz in the party, often times the dead bodies of teammates will shoot across the map in odd places where they couldn’t have possibly gone? Sometimes the bodies go out of the map or are otherwise unreachable.


If you have any video of this (or you can provide video in the future) the devs are looking for as much info as possible to fix this bug :slight_smile:


This is very frequent on xbox1 play a few laz games and u will realize that he is not worth playing


I had this happen yesterday 5 times on 3 different maps to the same exact person that was playing trapper everytime it happened.

edit: this happened with behemoth, goliath, and kraken.


It always seems to happen when the monster hits a player with a powerful ability (something that blasts hunters away) like rock throw. I believe it has primarily occurred when I face the Goliath. I can’t recall if it’s ever been with any other monster. I KNOW I’ve seen leap smash, and I’m fairly certain rock throw cause players’ bodies to “become one with Shear.” It seems to occur primarily when the player goes from incapped to death. I don’t personally recall seeing just an incapped player be thrown through the planet. Although that in itself might not be useful because a rock throw on an incapped player will almost always result in death.


I’ve also had it happen while playing Wraith or Kraken. Usually because the Hunter was near a wall and I either pounced them, pushing them outside the level where their still living bodies fall into the void or because they had two strikes and I hit them with a heavy melee attack or Vortex and their corpse clips through the wall.

It also happens a LOT with wildlife corpses. I probably push 10% of all corpses under the world somehow.


I unfortunately do not have a video of this. I only recently joined the community and now our group of friends no longer play as laz. This glitch does seem to happen when a monster ability happens. It’s not exclusive to that though as I’ve bled out nowhere near the monster and this has happened.


Oh yeah I’ve accidentally shunted a few marshstriders through the ground before as well now that you mention it.