Laz giving strikes when using the glove


So I just got finished playing a game with Laz and I did my usual hide outside the dome tactic. Got cursed out because I didn’t revive him, he was new so I forgive him, but as soon as I went to rez someone they got strikes. Every time after they got strikes, my question is did they nerf Laz or is this a bug.


You can only prevent strikes if you ‘rez’ them while downed. If they bleed out fully, you can pick them up but they keep the strike. This was intended so to make Laz less toxic and the monster only gets punished while the hunter bleeds out instead of waits 2 minutes.


darn, it makes sense, is there some type of heads up about this in-game, because I had no clue.


Unfortunately no. I’ve mentioned a few things to the UI team including the ability to look through abilities either in the character selection screen themselves, or in a menu somewhere.


they made his heal burst way better didn’t they? he’s more of a combat medic now?


Ya, he heals for 500 per burst. He won’t keep up someone near as good as anyone else, but the most success you have with Laz teams is just focus on damage and not worry about preventing a strike. The monster will have to trade more HP for that strike than any other medic because if he wants the strike he has to keep doing damage to someone downed which means no one else is being focused, which means he is easier to hit. Downed hunters have a LOT more health while bleeding than they did before, so it can take a while.


ahhhh, alright thanks for the answers, guess you can close this now.


No worries and best of luck in your adventures :smiley: