Laz feels weakened

I have no idea on what happened, but Laz’s survivability went from good standing and able to get away very easily to no life or armor even with stage 3 perks. He dies so quickly now, Val has a better chance of getting away to fight again. To me he just feels nerfed too badly, like I said I don’t know why but he does… that’s just me >.<

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Trash character. They need to make it so that he can revive someone even if he is getting attacked

Did the last Patch do something to Laz?

Majorly nerfed his early game.

Is there a place where the changes to him are listed? I also felt like he became a little too squishy though I presumed at the time I was just probably against good Monsters.

I thought the last patch added a self-heal on Cloak?

Yeah; the most insignificant buff in the universe. It also came with a nerf to his teamfighting capabilities and a gargantuan nerf to his early game.

Why would TRS punish us like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

And to think I thought I was safe investing in the “Least liked” guys like Slim or Lazarus who until recently fit very well with my play style.

Oh well… It’s just a game.

The healing from his cloak doesn’t work or at least not that I could see. A stage 1 monster downed me in two to 3 hits Slim is a better healer, that’s saying something due to him sucking so much now. Truthfully the original Evolve had the Medics more well tuned than they do now. So much for perks and stuff doesn’t do shit vs any of the monsters now.

I hate to admit it, stop pushing out shitty nerfs and buffs and actually hear what your community has to say, and we have lots to say that can help.

Laz never got the love he deserved because they never reworked his abilities to fit into the meta. He needs to have his abilities changed or needs to be scrapped entirely. I loved the concept, but he’s only “ok” if you have a team built around him, but most premades dont even play him because they would rather spend time practicing on healers that have a better team chemistry. #RIPLaz

Well if Laz is broken now and I’m in the market for a Medic, who is good to get right now in the sense that he’d be great with Leadership+Command, has good survivability and is least likely to be noticed by TRS (so the character dodges all the patch changes)? :slight_smile:

Seems like Rogue Val seems to be at the top of her game. I might be wrong but I can win loads of games with her.

But she’s also top on the list of Medics they want to be hit with a Nerf Hammer right?

What about Slim? Isn’t he kind of “low key”? :stuck_out_tongue: