Laz cloak Still not effected by Reload speed


According to brill this is a bug @MajorLeeHyper

I know this thread will probably be closed but I thought I should bring this to your attention. You have recently posted in other threads that were closed before I could post this response.

Laz cloak is a unique ability agreed but it should still be effected by reload speed.

Clarity from the devs is key. We don’t always trust what other people say on the forums because even the leaders have been wrong before.



So should all electric devices. Like the orbital strike.


@niaccurshi The last topic that was closed because the OP was answered was not completely answered. We have found proof that there have been contradictions.


They are still working on it:


That is what this thread is a reply to. Majorleehyper said that it shouldn’t be affected by reload speed while brill has said that it should.

I personally would like clarity as to which it is. I believe orbital is still affected by reload speed.



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No he didn’t say it shouldn’t be affected, this was explained in the last thread, please re-read that thread for the explanation. It’s not a crime to misinterpret something, we all do it, but it is frustrating to clog up the forum with an attempt to “win” a discussion where there is nothing to win.

But… to be SUPER CLEAR here…

Hunter specific abilities like Laz’s cloak and Caira’s acceleration field weren’t being affected by the reload speed perk BUT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. The hotfix before this last one was an attempt to fix that problem, however there were bigger issues in the code than they realised and so the patch actually broke more than it fixed.

The latest hotfix returned the code on reloads to what it was before the hotfix before last, which means that class special abilities are no longer broken but has returned hunter specific abilities that were broken back to their previous state. These are still intended to be fixed because, yes, the hunters perk for reload is supposed to affect ANYTHING with a reload, but will have to be fixed in a title update.

However the special class abilities buff from wildlife only affects Heal Burst, Personal Shield, Mobile Arena and Team Cloak… that buff was never intended to affect anything more than those 4 abilities.

So… The patch notes correctly say that the class abilities reload perk and buff bug has been fixed, but it was not clear that as Devs said on this forum that this hotfix would reverse any fix made to things like Laz’s cloak (if they were even fixed in the first place, I’m not sure they were). Everything that has been said to you on this subject has been correct and nothing has so far contradicted itself even if you believe that it has done so.

TL;DR: TRS will be fixing the reload speed perk for things like Laz’s cloak, but it’ll happen in the next Title Update most likely, and no-one has claimed that this wouldn’t be the case.


Please don’t bring this topic up again, be assured that TRS will be fixing the reload perk as soon as they can :smile: