Laz Cloak and Reload Perk


Is this fixed by now? :smiley:


Is there a bug regarding this?


Since release the reload perk hasn’t given it a quicker cd, I was wondering is this was fixed or intended?


…It doesn’t? -_-


How sure are you of this?


Naw, apparently it affects class abilities like healing burst and support cloak, but not things like laz’s cloak or hanks orbital .


But they did say that wanted to make lazs cloak affected by it, so I wonder when they are going to do that


-_- That SUCKS.

More importantly how did I not know this before?


@Wolfgang they may already have, but I didn’t see any patch notes about it. And @MidnightRoses yes it does, very much lol.


There are 3 types of “cooldown” in this game. Reload, Recharge, and simply Cooldown. Right now, things that use Reload and Recharge for their cooldown mechanics work just fine with the perk, but things in the Cooldown category do not. TRS already said they wanted to fix this so that everything works with the perk.

Won’t happen until at least the next patch roll out (not micropatch) which Matthew already said would be about 6 weeks away.


Wait so as of now, is Laz’s cloak affected by the reload/recharge perk?


no it doesnt


Bummer :frowning: they really need to change that


Wait did Matthew really say this? I believe you but do you happen to have his exact words?


@Matthew said that there should (not would) be a release in 6-8 weeks regarding voice overs, IIRC, that wasn’t to say there is a schedule that says the next patch is in 6 weeks. Be careful how you interpret these things!

Also it was confirmed on this forum a few weeks ago that Laz’s cloak SHOULD be affected by the perk but wasn’t. I haven’t tested it yet to see if it is fixed, though the same problem was affecting Caira’s acceleration and I believe that was fixed.


Ya i thought it wierd that @Matthew Would be talking about next patch


To be fair, this is all he said:

“Title update” I take to be inside speak for a full update and not a micropatch. Bug fixes are virtually guaranteed to happen at the same time and the CDR perk bug is something that won’t take much in the way of fixing. I can’t see it being delayed.

But like niaccurshi said, take any time estimates given with a large grain of salt. I don’t want to call out Matthew if the update comes later than he predicted. It wasn’t an official statement of timetables.


I was just talking about when you’d get to hear the new VO. And even that I’m not certain about.


Good timing! I was wondering the same thing!

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plus confirm

so what’s with that @MrStrategio ?


Is the Device a Cooldown or Recharge? I could never figure out (it’s quite short with elite Laz anyway).