Laz anti strike


So i was fighting this team and had to work really really hard to get their laz down. I focus him to land both strikes before stage 3. The first person playing laz d/ced and someone else came in. When i went back to fight laz only had one strike instead of two. Over the course of that fight i could have easily downed laz at least 5 times if he had that extra strike. Such a heartbreaking bug :frowning:


I think I’ve gotten that bug too once it happened to a Maggie.


I would have been so much happier if it was maggie :frowning:


laz is the most bugged hunter i’m not surprised by this bug :smiley:


I thought Slim was the most bugged hunter. :wink:


We just had this happen with Caira.
The original medic rage-quit after dying and someone joined before the dropship came back.