Laz and the dome


I’m not certain if it is a bug or not but I figured I best ask all the same. I recently had the lucky fortune to be a laz outside of a dome. Very fortunate considering the monster would go after me in every dome like he should. However I found a very nasty surprise awaited me when I went into the dome cloaked to pick up a teammate. I all of a sudden became visible :anguished: as soon as I walked through the dome dispite my ability saying I was using cloak. I found out the monster sure as heck could see me too :scream: I’ve also done quite a bit of playing around with mechanics outside a dome and I found that if you are directly beside a dome like 1 or 2 meters you cannot fire or use an ability as well. Just curious if its a bug or not. I have the video footage of it happening should it be needed.


Ya I’ve actually noticed the inability to use equipment too. Thought it was my controller derping though.


Upload the footage it’d be useful to see.


could be, last days i had several bugs with laz… couldnt use my cloak for minutes and i couldnt revive people…


I’ll work to get it uploaded soon. My upload speed isn’t great so I’ll probably have to get it to you guys sometime tommorow or the day after


Oh, like not being able to fire the sniper until you juggle for a bit? Yeah, I get that so much…

The combination of your equipment derping out and bodies falling through maps makes Laz unplayable. Just…Gah.


I have noticed that. I believe to stop people from using abilities on teammates inside the dome, while outside. Some weapons can probably clip trough the dome if you stand close enough, but still outside the dome. Like Hank’s shield, so this is a way to prevent that.
An other example is healburst, which DO go trough the dome if you stand close enough on the outside. You don’t even need to be Slim.


This cloaking glitch has nothing to do with the dome. Sometimes when you cloak , you will be cloaked for like 1 second then uncloak for the rest of the duration. This also happens with Super Soilder, support cloak, and adrenaline field.


I noticed heal burst working through domes as well and totally use it all the time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @Zeke999 so this is a known bug then? Huh well that’s unfortunate if so, I was hoping it was purposeful to prevent shenanigans from happening outside the dome.


Yes it is a known bug.

Im not sure if they meant to make it so you cant use abilities when you are to close to the dome or not. It was most likely meant to be like that.

As laz i love sitting outside the dome and healbursting my team. As goliath if you are outside the dome you can still stick your head in and breath fire on the hunters without actually being in the dome, its really fun.