Laz and Techank


So the community says tech sgt Hank is pretty useless. I don’t completely agree but he usually does suck. I’m just curious if orbitalling a body will let Laz get a free revive. It doesn’t knock back hunters like laz. It also does incredible damage. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried this and why it does or doesn’t work.


Reason being that you actually have to stand in a big obvious beam for 3 seconds for it to equal 1 or 2 mortars is why. You can still stay on a body, just don’t stand still and you will be fine, and there are no good monsters that just stand still.


Even if the Orbital Drill would allow for revives, the shield just negates the cloak of Laz and makes TSH a bad choice with him. Also TSH has the second lowest damage output, which is crucial to chase the Monster off the body.

Also, Monsters are willing to eat a poison grenade and a Flamethrower to prevent a rez, which does more DPS than the drill.

If you are looking for the best Medic with TSH, I think Emet would be your best choice because the charged shields provide enough cover until the Buoys are set up and ready to heal.


TSH can do (slightly less ) equivalent damage compared to Hank lasser cutter

Orbital drill has lower cooldown than orbital barrage

The next MP (21% Nerf on original hank laser cutter damage output )

Orbital barrage (first 3 hits = 200 instead of 360 + delay of 1.5 seconds on other shots ) the next MP

@Sepiablitz orbital drill is a powerful ability . Tech hank will be superior interms of damage output

Sunny will be nerfed by 18% on nuke damage

Sure Tech Hank will be (offensive & defensive type in the new MP ) not to forget (double shield capacity ) - removed slowed on movement (9.0 TU)